What to do with a 9 month old boy ??


I have agreed to take the 9 month year old son of my cousin for two weeks, while his mom is in hospital and his dad (my cousin) has to work quite a lot at the moment. There wasn't much of a chance to refuse or to tell them about my lack of knowledge on babies, but I'm a bit worried. They have so much on their mind ... and I kind of lied and assured them I knew what to do.

In fact, I don't though. I have all necessary GP numbers, but I would appreciate advice on what a 9 months old baby eats and how much he has to drink ( he loves fruit tea).

Can I hurt him when he sleeps in my bed while I am sleeping?

How can I entertain him and how will I see if he's bored?

Will it comfort him if I play tapes with his mom's voice (his dad can come to see him) or will it make him sad because she's not there?

How warm should his bath water be and can he use normal bath foam?

I'm sorry this is so long, but I'm worried I do something wrong.


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    oh wow your taking on a HUGE responsibility so i am going to give you everything i know so hopefully it helps .

    First off don't be scared to asked questions you need to ask the parents these questions

    1. what does he eat ,what time? every baby is different but basically he should be eating three meals a day of baby food formula or juice .

    2. does the baby have any conditions ? allergies or asthma or take any meds .

    Second off be PREPARED !

    things you need ..

    1.crib or playpen to sleep and play

    2. baby food ,plates spoons bibs

    3.towels ,baby wash ,baby powder(cornstarch is best!) ,baby lotion with sunscreen.

    4 clothes

    4 sleepers ,4 onsies ,4 t shirts ,4 pants , 6 socks ,2 shoes and a few bye bye outfits

    5 Diapers (his size ask his daddy !!!) also diaper creme .

    6 . some toys from his house ,books

    7 his walker gym stroller ect .

    8 blankets

    9 hair brush just for him

    10 , emergency kit with baby meds thermometers ban aids ect .

    I honestly suggest that you ask your cousin to stay over for two nites to help you with the basics . here is a review of basics .

    1 NEVER LEAVE HIM ALONE !! Only if he is sleeping in his crib but whether he is eating playing washing you need to be there .Never leave the house and leave baby alone .

    2 how to wash baby . I personally wash my niece with me but i suggest you not do that . Heres a clip from parenting .com that teaches you how to do it .


    Youtube thumbnail

    sorry couldnt find a video how to wash a nine month old so i am guessing you can use the bathtub or baby tub instead of the sink .

    3. Feeding . Watch him while he eats make sure all utensils bottles are clean .

    a. HOW to wash bottles ...

    First get a bowl fill it with some soap and hot water . Open your bottle and use a bottle brush to clean the bottle and nipple and RINSE well . Place on bottle rack to dry .Clean the bib after you use it by rinsing it .

    b. How to heat up bottles and baby food .

    Run hot water and place bottle under stream . shake bottle and test it on arm . it should be warm .You warm baby food by doing the same .apple juice and fruit baby food can be cool .

    c. how to make formula . Put a big pot of water to boil . let the water cool and place desired amount in bottle (ask dad his amount of food he eats ) then put spoons of formula in to equal the amount of water (read the back of the can ) . Make sure you have his brand of formula like my niece can only eat soy formula .

    d.how to make baby cereal ,,get baby rice or oatmeal cereal and place a few tbsp in his morning bottle .

    How to play !

    talk to him alot dont be afraid to go crazy babys love that . Play music babys love music . Sing to him . Take him out for walks park or to the zoo . Play with toys with him . Read to him . ect .just have fun try not to turn on the tv much its not good for his mind .

    That mom on tape thing idk if its a good idea bc he will prolly look around like where the hell is mommy and get super pissed .Just get a shirt that smells like his mom and let him sleep with it .

    Sleep time .

    When its bed time wind him down by maybe taking him a bath and reading him a story . I would suggest you not sleep with him bc until you are used to him you can forget he was there . Maybe when he has his nap during the day you can nap with him to . Make sure to put baby on back .

    Sooth him when hes is fussy ,,

    By bouncing him ,singing , picking him up and taking him to a new room , giving him some juice ,burping him , changing diaper ect .


    Well chances are you know how to change a diaper ,,but if you dont

    1. undo his pants , place new clean diaper under old nasty one ,take off old diaper ,wipe from front to back , wipe throughly all his boy places , fasten his new diaper just on his hips and redress him . all done !

    also make sure to have daycare ready if you work ,and have your mom or friends with babies on speedial !!

    Seriously good luck !!! This is alot to undertake and if you cant handle it then its ok to say i cant handle it . i hope this basic guide helped you i think i missed a few points but if you need anything at all i will give you my personal email (izziegirl89@gmail.com ) dont be afraid to contact me (my mom said she would give u advice to if you need it )if you need help !!!


    Source(s): i am not a mom but i basically raising my niece(5 months) and been babysitting for ages . heres some pages that will help u . http://www.yourbabytoday.com/features/dev_ninemont... http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/nutrition_fit/nut...
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    Don't panic - babies are easier (and tougher!) than you might expect. First thing though, I wouldn't sleep with him in your bed, by 9 months, he's probably not sleeping with his parents either, and there are possible dangers. His parents will ell you what he likes to eat and drink, and just keep things simple - jars of organic baby food for his age group (it says on the jars) will be fine. If he's bored, he'll get grizzly - take him for walks in his stroller, play peek a boo kind of games with him, and most importantly, talk to him all the time - babied love attention. It doesn't really matter what you say, even if it's just a monologue of what you're doing! He doesn't need tapes of his mum, but an unwashed t shirt or nightdress might comfort him to cuddle at night. Don't use normal bath foam, babies skins are too sensitive - use any specifically for babies, and the water should be warm, but not hot - you can get thermometers in chemists for baby baths.

    You're not going to look dumb if you ask the parents lots of questions - and I'm sure they'll have a massive list of stuff they'll want to tell you as well!

    Very few people have friends as good as you are being.

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    give him a bottle as often as he seems to want one, and leave bottles of water sitting where he can reach them.

    At this stage he still eats soft foods, porridge, pureed veges, his parents will tell you the ones he likes, you can buy precooked meals easily. Get some Baby Einstein tapes etc from the library, they like to see those time and again. Anything bigger than a filmcanister is safe for him to play with, as long as it has no detachable parts, in fact, the Mc Donalds Happy Meal Fisher Price toys are generally played with more often than anything expensive.

    Bath water should feel just warm to the inside of your wrist, just like his milk, and there is a range of baby shampoos etc in most supermarkets, but again, his parents should supply you.

    NEVER, NEVER, EVER! leave a baby in water by himself, not even for a second, always keep your hand on him!

    You can let him sleep in your bed if they have no travelbed or playpen for him, but do not take sleepingpills or alcohol before sleeping in the same bed, and put a waterproof sheet under him.

    You'll be OK, and ask any other mother for help if you need a hint on how to do something.

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    I've been taking care of my baby cousin for a year so I can try and help. He will probably eat 3 or 4 tablespoons of food per meal ( it could be less so don't force him to eat if he pulls away) Offer him a drink every hour or so but again if he pulls away don't force him. Don't give him junk food or sugary drinks. Try and keep his food to pureed fruits and veggies or baby food and feed him water or formula or milk if its been introduced to him. If you are a heavy person I wouldn't sleep next to him. If you are a Heavy sleeper and don't wake up easily I wouldn't sleep with him but otherwise I think it would be ok. Also line your bed with pillows in case he rolls. Don't worry about him being bored he is probably so curious that anything you do or give him will probably entertain him. I think luke warm water is ok just not hot or too warm. kind of room temp + a couple of degrees.

    Good Luck

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    I wouldn't have him sleep in your bed since he is probably rolling over, crawling and pulling himself up to stand at low tables. He can eat canned baby food, probably Stage II with a few soft chunks in it. He can also help feed himself Cheerios or soft cooked vegetables such as carrotts, and cracker, you can put a few on his high chair tray to help himself while you supplement with a spoon. He should still be drinking formula until he is 12 months. Fruit tea should not be his primary drink.

    You can give him a bath in the kitchen sink or bathroom sink since you don't have to get down on your hands and knees and it will be easier to lift him in and out. Wet babies are very slippery. Bath foam should be ok if it doesn't have any perfume. A bar of Ivory soap is a good alternate as it's very gentle.

    Playing tapes of his mom is ok. Babies his age like peek a boo, books, and to sit in their high chair and bang with a spoon or to drop things and have you pick them up. They are learning cause and effect. Also because he is probably crawling, you will need to keep a vigilant eye on him so he doesn't get into cabinets he shouldn't be in.

    Babies are very resilent and adjust pretty well to most situations.

    You can also make a list of all these questions and ask your cousin about his favorite toys sleep schedule, eating habits, etc.

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    dont worry i have 11 months old active girl

    if u dont know what to cook for him u can buy rady Hipp Organic jars they r really nice and how often to feed him? ask his mum she will tell u.

    he is a big boy so should be easy to play him let him crawling and play with the toys. u can take him out with the buggie is beautiful weather, sit in the park, go for coffee, just enjoy...u can read some baby books together... sometimes im sleeping with my baby in the bed.i think he is big enough i dont think u can hurt the baby. is not like a newborn

    im sure u will be fine.

    about he bath..dont use foam for adults give him some toys to play in the bath and im bathing my baby every day special now is really hot weather

    i wish u all the best and dont worry is not hard

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    realistically yoy should tell them you dont know what your doing maybe the dad could have him at night and you look after him in the daytime . if you are going to care for him for 2 weeks then you must have a travel cot for him it is not safe to have a baby in the same bed as you .wouldnt you prefer to be straight with them rather than reassure them that its fine and when you dont really know what your doing. lookin after a 9 month old baby is very hard good luck xx

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    How young are you my dear??. I can see that your hart is in the correct place & you will be OK. Do you have any erliteve?. or any nabor? You will be OK. are you over 18 Yrs.?

    Just ask some one close to you and have some one that can

    be around you and you around them and just see what they are doing & what they are telling you and learn very quick. You will be OK like I kept saying to you because you are willing to do something good for your cousen & her child and I must say YOU GO GIRL and

    I am sorry to call you a girl. You are a WOMAN. You will be OK.>>>>>>.

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    Sorry, I can't help with much - it's one of those things. All babies are different and as soon as he comes, it'll come naturally. I promise you.

    Bath water - dip your elbow in there, if it feels luke warm to you, then its the correct temperature.

    I don't think it's a good idea to play his mums voice, he might think shes in the room and look for her, and we all know how that feels. Might confuse him a bit.

    You won't hurt him while you're sleeping, he'll normally be moving or not, but if you accidently lay on him, he'll wake you up (by waking him, he's most likely to cry, therefore, not causing any further, if any, damage), or you'll realise yourself and wake up. It's not something you forget.

    Entertain him by dancing, playing songs, giving toys, bouncing him a around, teaching him new things or taking him outdoors. They normally entertain themselves if you don't have the energy. If he's bored, chances are, he'll cry.

    Sorry I can't help further, but you'll get it, there's no REAL handbook on babies.

    xx good luck

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    If you know THAT little about caring for a baby--please let someone else care for the poor child!

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