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is my green swordtail pregnant?

she has a huge belly with a faint dark spot on the back of her stomach. she also keeps looking at the male green swordtail.

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    When a green swordtail is pregnant you will find a black spot on the back of her stomach.

    A green swordtail can have up to 50 Fry's.

    It will take awhile for her to have her Fry's.

    Put the pregnant green swordtail in a breeding tank or breeding net so when she has her Fry's the Fry's will be protected by getting eaten by the swordtails.

    When shes finished giving birth take her out so she can be happier and swim.

    Feed your Fry's baby fish food or you can just cut 1 piece of flake into powder.

    You can find baby fish food at a aquarium and pet shop.

    It will take 2 months for the babies to grow.

    Some of your Fry's won't survive and will end up with 10 Fry's or less.

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  • 1 decade ago

    more than likely, yes. They, like mollies and platys are live bearers, and will have new litters about once every 28 days, with or without a male present.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the dad will eat some of the babbies

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