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Did Vince Gills ex ever remarry?

She sang with sister. Called Rodeo girls. He's now married to Amy Grant.

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    I found this interesting, it's a letter to everyone on Oprah's website from Gill's ex-wife.......

    Hi There, Couldn't help myself. My name is Janis Oliver, and I am Vince's ex-wife. You are sadly mistaken about so many things. Vince and I had never split up before he became involved with Amy. And when your husband is a huge star, I admit, sometimes it was sometimes a challenge to deal with overbearing female fans..... but our mail lady was never one of them. I've never apologized for anything I've said.... because I've yet to really speak on the matter. Plus, I have nothing to apologize for. Vince and i had a confidentiality agreement lasting for five years. He hoped to seal the issue for life, but I refused. That should say volumes. That five year period has come and gone. Just as Amy has written a book, I too am writing a book. I hope this will answer many questions about what really happened. My book will be honest, funny, insightful... but never mean-spirited. Vince and I are friends, and see each other from time to time, as our daughter, Jenny, sings in and around the Nashville area. He is a fantastic father. I also think quite alot of Amy, and she and I have wanted to get together and share a glass of wine for some time. I realize this doesn't fit in with what you wish to believe is true, but that's not my problem. By the way, the note from the golf bag remains in my lawyers safe. It is not hearsay. Peace and love to you all. Janis

    Sorry if this is too long and if you didn't see a purpose in me showing this to you, I just hope that provided some extra insight. : )

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    Did Vince Gills ex ever remarry?

    She sang with sister. Called Rodeo girls. He's now married to Amy Grant.

    Source(s): vince gills remarry: https://tr.im/QWsJc
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    Janis Oliver

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    Janis is a great performer. You ll have to wait for her book to come out.

    I love Vince and Janis as a local performer myself I realize their talent

    is hard to rival.

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    My understanding is that she has re-married twice ~ one more divorce and one current marriage.

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