Have I commited Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

Jesus called me to him in a big way. I've since then surrendered my life to him. His power has changed me from who I was before

with his love and mercy. It has been a constant battle with the devil since I came to know Christ. The other night I gave into temptation and got on my computer to look at porn and masturbate. Just as the porn site came up my internet lost connection. I knew It was Gods power that did this but I continued on for that short lived pleasure. Since then I feel unable to repent. I keep thinking of the dude in the Bible who sold his birthright for a morsel of meat. I'm scared, devastated and feel sick. I know Jesus is Lord but I feel rejected. Is this my punishment, to know he is real but not be able to fellowship with him?

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    This is disturbing news, Johnny. Mighty disturbing.

    The only way to forgiveness is to do a Swaggart in front of the entire congregation, tomorrow.

  • CrG
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    1 decade ago

    Someone once asked me, "How can God be both perfect Mercy and also Perfect Justice?

    Here on Earth, we live in His Perfect Mercy. You have sinned grievously but you have repented. Now you must atone for what you did.

    One time a friend of mine became angry and threw his cat against a wall. Even though the cat was not seriously injured, he repented and quit smoking. When I asked him why, he told me, "I knew that I had done something really bad and that if I didn't atone for it in a serious way, my mind would see to it that I did. I'm certain that that would be a lot worse than quitting smoking."

    To repent, all you must do is say a sincere Act of Contrition every day for the rest of your life. I'm 74 and I've been doing this for years. You can find a printed version in any Catholic Book store. Praying is something that you ought to do anyway so that is really not much of a Pennace.

    There are a whole lot of entertaining books on the market that will help to deepen your faith life. Read, King of Kings by Malichi Martin. It is the story of how David was chosen to become the most loved King of the Jews. Malichi Martin is conversant in many living and dead languages. He brings immense scholarship to this fantastic work.

    Many people do not believe that the five volume work entitled "The Poem of the Man-God" is the word of God because there are so many mistakes in it. But I think that it is very close to the truth. The real problem with the book is the cost. When I first read it, the cost was $35.00 a volume. The last time I bought the set, it was $45.00 a volume. I've read it cover to cover several times.

    Touched by Joy by Father John Powell, SJ, describes how God communicates with us and how he learned how to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Abandonment to Divine Providence by Rev. Jean Paul de la Caussade is one of the ten religious classics in the world.

    In this world God is perfect Mercy. When you die, He is perfect Justice.

  • The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was committed when people said that Christ performed his miracles in the power of the Devil. They said that while He was on earth, and said it as they watched him perform miracles.


    The scripture goes on to say that "it will not be forgiven in this AGE OR AGE to come.

    The age to come is when Christ will rule in the millenial kingdom after the rapture and tribulation.


    Take comfort: read Romans 8: 38-39

    Nothing can separate you from the love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    If the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit was something anyone could commit---------there could not be a "whosoever will gospel." There would have to be a disclaimer behind every salvation passage------You can be saved---unless you blaspheme the Holy Spirit.


    God loves you. If you need more assurance email me smithinsurance@yahoo.com

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    3 years ago

    The sin against the Holy Spirit pronounced in the Bible is the rejection of God's forgiveness. the only sin it is unforgivable is refusing to be forgiven. You sound such as you're quite sorry, and choose that forgiveness, and desperately choose to pass on. it quite is definitely quite common. purely pass talk with a Catholic priest. He can grant you God's forgiveness, and then, all achieved! that's that straightforward, and you will sense plenty extra useful afterwards, and that they shop confidentiality no rely what.

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    If the lost fellowship didn't bother you, then you'd be up a creek. Keep the sensitive heart for the things of God and ask him to mold your desires into a more wholesome direction, but admit to Got what your desires are. He appreciates the honesty. And even if you continue to struggle, the honesty between you and God about the issue will help the fellowship aspect.

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    It is the Holy Spirit that reveals God's truth the fact that are receiving this truth is evidence that you have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

    We are by faith new creatures who accept the atonement of Jesus Christ.

    Which is to say we have not literally been made new yet but are a work in progress.

    It is by faith we claim this promise.

    It is God who makes the dfference in any man and we all still live in this flesh in this sinful world.

    We who are by faith made new should not serve sin.

    I would recommend Romans 6.

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    Jesus said in Luke 12:10: If you speak against the son of man, you can be forgiven, but if you speak against the holy spirit, you will not be forgiven.

    what this verse means is that you can be forgiven for any sin you do (since all sin are directly against Jesus) if you speak against the holy spirit: this means if you refuse to repent you will not be forgiven (since it's the holy spirit that makes us want to repent when we are full of faith)

    Jesus can and will forgive you, just think if Jesus forgave Judas Iscariot, Peter, and those who crucified him, what makes you think he will not forgive you, if you repent?

    and also when you sin, read Psalms 51, there king David says in verse 16-17, "Offerings and sacrifices are not what you want. The way to please you is to feel sorrow deep in our hearts. This is the kind of sacrifice you won't refuse."

  • 1 decade ago

    No, continuing to sin is disobedience, but it's not blasphemy of the holy spirit.

    I'm going to encourage you to check on this website.


    This is a free website, which works with people who want to overcome addictions, including addiction to pornograpy. It also will cover some of the basics of the Christian faith, including how to overcome temptation.

    If you check it out, look for the "Way of Purity" course.

    If you are willing to overcome this sin, this ministry will help you.

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    All people sin. Paul said that he struggled to do what he knew was right but sometimes did what he knew he should not do (paraphrasing). We all struggle.

    Its obvious that your conscience bothers you and your concern for not displeasing God is valid. Don't be fooled by Satan in believing that God will abandon you. Confess to God and admit your discretion and pray for forgiveness. Remember, your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Pray for strength to overcome temptations.

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    In my opinion Satan is working you over good. Ask for forgiveness if you feel you should and He will forgive you. Satan is the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. God does not want separation from you. Talk to Him and tell Satan that He has to leave you alone in the name of Jesus. Hope that helps...

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