QBs on Hot Seat?

What do you think will happen with all of these guys?

Carolina's Jake Delhomme

I am a Panthers fan, but Delhomme has ended the season (past 2) on Injure Reserved. Finally we had a good back up in Matt Moore. I Think Jake Delhomme will end up starting at least 13 games this season, Matt Moore will start 3. However I really think to keep Jake not injured I think the Panthers should use Matt Moore to relive Jake games like in the 4th quarter. I think Jake Delhomme will end up retiring in a few year and Matt Moore will be the new starter

Baltimore's Kyle Boller

I Think Kyle Boller career with Baltimore is coming to an end. I think that he will start in a few games (4 or 5) for Baltimore then Troy Smith will come in. I think Joe Flacco will see the Field during at least Week 14-Week 17. I think Kyle Boller will end up in Detroit next year.

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    I don't think Jake Delhomme is on the hot seat. As soon as he got injured last season the Panters had no chance of winning. He is the key for the Panters to score points. He and Steve Smith compliment each other perfectly. Matt Moore had some playing time last year and didn;t impress too many people, if any. Jake is the Franchise QB and should be safe.

    Kyle Boller, on the other hand, is in trouble. Joe Flacco has been very impressive (according to the media) at mini camp so far. We all know Boller has not done anything to be an elite QB in the NFL and his job is open for the taking.

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    Any Bears QB, whats the deal with these guys.

    Jason Campbell, New coach won't be willing to wait it out on Gibb's pick.

    Kyle Boller.....will he even be on a team?!

    Delhomme will be gone if he doesnt produce this year in Carolina.

    Alex Smith......#1 pick washing out ala Heath Shuler and Tim Couch.

    Donnovan Mcnabb....will krusty the clown choke yet again when the games get serious, regular season stud, playoff dud.

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    Jake- I think he's going to end up retiring as well

    Kyle- Will start about 2 or 3 games and IF they don't see any improvement in him they will bench him. Troy will start the rest of the season.. and if he does good, him and Joe will battle it out for the starting job next season. Boller will be in a Tampa Bay or Detroit uniform next season!

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    Well i totally agree with you on the delhomme statements you made. I personally think he is a great QB, with potential, if he had a better offensive line. As for boller, hes going to be leaving baltimore soon, i can just tell, but i dont know where he will go. if it is detroit, then he should become starter over kitna. Baltimore isnt going anywhere with him though

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  • Razz
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    Boller's days are numbered. Jay Cutler may find himself on the hotseat late in the season, but they wont axe until at least 2010. Pennington will probably be wearing a different jersey this time next year.

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    Bears Rex Grossman

    He's a college star that is still yet to prove himself as a consistant QB.

    49er's Alex Smith

    Hello David Carr. If Smith dosen't do something soon he's gonna have the same fate as Carr, a second rate QB

    Packers Aaron Rogers

    He hasn't been givin the chance to prove himself but many feel with Greenbay drafting 2 QB's if Rogers dosen't oerform he won't be starting for long!

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    Jake Delhomme,Boller, alex smith,


  • 1 decade ago

    Tarvaris Jackson

    Kyle Boller

    Chad Pennington

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    Res Grossman! Im a Bears fan and i thnk weve given him enough chances... we got him an OL in the draft ( Chris Williams) and a good RB to do play fake (Matt Forte) and if he dont do good dis year hes gone!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Alex Smith. A #1 pick fighting for a job?

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