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Would You Vote for Obama/Hillary Ticket?

The way I see it is Obama stole the election from Hillary with vicious, shrewd, race baiting, Negative campaigning and controlling the press.

Hillary's the answer to real change. Obama is an empty suit. Obama needs people to make decisions for him. He's not capable of real public policy because he's about show boating. So If Hillary was VP, he/WE could count on her to make positive change really happen. That's a good thing. That's why I'd vote for him if Hillary is VP, but never would if she's not. Obama is a huge ego, like Bush, he's a puppet front man.

So if you see Obama as I do, as basically the opposite of who he claims to be, and another version of Bush. Then Hillary could be the one really making things better ffor the USA. As Bush let's Cheney do the dirty work, Obama can have Hillary do the great work. Otherwise, I believe Bush and Cheney are behind Obama anyway (Rezko is associated with Bush and Obama). Without Hillary as VP, I trust McCain more than BO.

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    NO WAY! At this point it's nearly impossible that either one would even offer.

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    Hillary supporters DO NOT want her to run with Obama on a ticket. They want her to run again in 2012 if Obama gets the nomination. If Obama looses the election (which he will) Hillary can run against McCain in 2012. She can't do that if she runs with Obama in 2008.

    Americans don't want Obama. (Even if Hillary is on the same ticket, it won't make any difference) Obama will loose, regardless of who he selects as VP.

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    I would not. I agree with your first analysis, however, Clinton would never be ready to get the hot chestnuts out of the fire, Obama would create. And Hillbilly is certainly too cocky to "accept" such a subordinate role for his beloved wife.

    We will hear about this Rezko guy soon. He was also serving Clinton. The Bush/Cheney twist is an attempt by the vicious rumor mill.

  • 3 years ago

    NO! i'll in no way vote for OBAMA.. not AS PRES and not AS VICE PRES. If Clinton wins the nomination I,m hoping she selections yet another canidate for vice chairman. simply by fact if Obama is everywhere close to the white living house cost ticket. Im balloting for McCain

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes the only way I vote Dem if Hillary is in the ticket ,, if not I vote John McCain or just stay home ,, They did not want my vote in Jan when I voted for Hillary in Fl

  • Buggs
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    Clinton has the Knowledge behind her. She can get the job done, with the change everyone seems to want.

    Obama will bring in the money.

    Clinton Needs to Keep the White House Safe ---Obama as Vp,

  • canam
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    1 decade ago

    I still would not vote for Obama. He would probably have Hillary making his coffee. He dosnt have the ego to give her a role where she could easily show him up and watch his actions. I will not vote for him no matter who his running mate is.

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    and him and the mayor of gary cheated at the election

    the mayor of gary bused all the seniors to crown point to show em how to vote........lmao

    just imagine how many other states did the same thing

    its the absantee ballots that were rigged

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    I don't support either of them. I'm hoping for McCain to be the best he can possibly be, and get elected.

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    Not on your life.

    Obama does make the Clintons look good however. Flip that ticket the other way and middle America won't be quite so scared.

    Obama is another Jimmy Carter or Michael Dukakis.

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