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Minnesota Vikings History?

Which position, throughout Viking history, has had the best players?

Name the players too.


Please don't say Adrian Peterson because he just got done with his rookie year.

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    Alan Page - Defensive Tackle

    Bill Brown - Running Back

    Fran Tarkenton - Quarterback

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    That's a tough question! The Vikings haven't had real consistency at many positions.

    But, after much consideration, I'll go with Offensive Line. The Vikings have two in the hall of fame: Ron Yary (1968-1981) & Gary Zimmerman(1986-1992). Randall McDaniel was on the all decade team for the 90's. Current players Steve Hutchinson, Bryant McKinnie, Matt Birk are all top at their position along the offensive line.

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    The Vikes were noted for their Purple(defensive line ) defense during their greatest seasons. Offhand, I can think of only two players, Alan Page and Jim Marshall.They also had an excellent qb too, Joe Kapp who previously played in Canada. If not mistaken, I believe Fran Tarkenton (qb) also played a few years with the Vikes.

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    For me, Minnesota's best positions have been defensive, from the DL, which sport Alan Page and Carl Eller from the 70's, Chris Doleman and John Randle from the 80's and 90's, and currently Kevin and Pat Williams. Linebackers like Phil Vilipiano Kieth Millard, and DB's like Joey Browner and Darren Sharper. On offense, Brad Johnson, Daunte Culpepper, Fran Tarketon, and Joe Kapp are gutsy QB's, and with a long list of linmen, including Irv Eatman, Matt Birk, and Korey Stringer. Ahmad Rashad, Anthony and Chris Carter, and Randy Moss make their best WR's, with Chuck Foreman, Terry Allen, Chester Taylor, and Adrian Peterson seem to be the best RB's on that team.

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    From Allen Page, John Randal, Kevin Williams, Pat williams, Jarred Allen, and countless other's on down through their history the D-line has been a place of terror for opposing teams my friend. I used to be a viking fan for that very reason.

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    hmm none. lol, the vikes suck. GO PACKERS! HOW many super bowls have they won..hmm none. they dont have a history besides tarkenton and randy moss

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    tom hanan

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    4 superbowl loses.

    Minni Who?

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    caulpepper (lol however u spell that)- QB



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