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saroj asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

clever and bright? are you the person thinking yourself as clever and bright than others ?

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    It all depends what you mean by clever and bright. Acedemic ability is not the only way to judge someone's intelligence, although sadly most people do think this.

    You can be hopeless at Language and maths but be highly skilled in social skills like acting , art or counsilling others etc.

    A lot of schools do not reckognise this unfortunately and they place far too much emphasis on the 3 r's (reading writing and arithmetic) and forget about other human skills which people need and used in life.

    Education comes from the Latin word to "educe" or bring out. Education should focus on bringing out a person's natural abilities and not on filling the student's head with useless facts and knowledge.

    No one should ever consider themselves to be the brightest or cleverest because some one else will be able to do things which you can't - mentally, physically or socially.

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    Ya, I'm smarter than everyone.. My clever and bright is like Lucky Charms, its magicaly Delicious. My clever and bright is like McDonalds, I'm loving it! My clever and bright apologizes to your clever and bright for being such a dumbass.

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    It's Saturday, I'm off duty.

    Wait, I'm answering Y!A questions.

    If spelling, grammar and the ability to form a complete question count, then I'm at least in the 85th percentile in this context.

  • I don't want to think I'm smarter than people because someone out there could prove me wrong and I'll be fu**ed

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, i am. i have been many times that i am very logical enough to be in that area.

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    It depends on the light-bulb ...

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    1 decade ago

    i put bread in my shoee

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