Am I Gay/ Bi / Striaght?

I know i asked already, but now im going to write a full detailed story, and please tell me what you think straight up?

im 16 Years old and i masterbait at least once a night on Gay porn ( sometimes straight), im a real sissy, never been in fist fights or play any violent games eg rugby..etc

Ive had a girlfriend once, who i loved SOOOOO much, like soo much. But then we split.

When i see a Good looking guy I sometimes Picture having sex with him, But when i see a Hot chick i picture Kissing her and seeing her in her underwear ( Lol Sounds like a Perv)

When im not horny, 2 guys kissing Discusts me, and 2 girls dont really turn me on but id prefer it over guys.

Id hate to kiss a guy, but i;d love to kiss a girl

Also lastly, theres this gay guy at school who for some reason he pisses me off the way he acts / talks etc but i dont say anything to hurt him. .

Please tell me what you think and be honest. Coz im SO confuse


Oh Btw --> When i think bout Living the rest of my life with a man I Feeel SOO Depressed, ive always wanted a family.

Also when im sitting near a hot guy.. i feel awkward, but when im sitting near a hot girl, i want to get closer

Update 2:

Take out the part about " When i see a good looking guy i think about having sex with him" Well i was at work yesterday and i saw a few hit girls and a few hot guys, but i dont actly picture me having sex with either

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    What your turned on by and what you're attracted to are two different things. I'm a straight female, but I get turned on by the visuals/ideas of making a girl get off... just because you like watching rough sex, doesn't mean you yourself would enjoy it... I actually heard a study once, that straight men get off to gay porn more so than homosexuals...

    On the other hand though, I could never picture myself having sex with someone of the same sex... something you apparently have. I still think it's an overactive sexual imagination rather than a sexual attraction...

    I personally don't think you are gay, especially if it's a turn OFF at times. Stop second guessing youself. If it came down to it, everything else aside, and you wouldn't kiss a boy if he tried kissing you, then you're straight.

  • 4 years ago

    I'm not gay, but the best answer I ever got about the definition of what gay is was from a close gay friend. He said before he figured things out he tried dating girls and had "functional" sex. In other words, he found that sex with a girl could be arousing and everything worked fine. However, he found that emotionally he fell in love with men and he was never able to develop that bond with a female. When he fantasized about the perfect date and romantic music, he saw himself enjoying the company of a man, not a woman. He simply could not picture a woman in a relationship. Girls were like sisters to him, and it was awkward and odd to consider them potential mates. While you might have a physical attraction to men, consider that most of relationships are indulging with a person you really like in terms of communication. Sex is a part of that, but it's not the only deciding factor. Who do you want the relationship with? That's the question to start with. The rest will follow. If you're aroused by men, as you grow older you might need a very open-minded partner to help you deal with this part of yourself since it may continue to be a need. If that's the case, don't hide your feelings or be ashamed - be honest with your partner. There's a huge spectrum of sexuality and people are very different from couple to couple. And since you're a teen, I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell my own kids - love should never be separate from sex. If you want great sex have great love first. It adds great nobility and beauty to intimacy, and you'll feel deep harmony if you do things in that order. good luck!

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    Well at your age your hormones are all over the place and your fantasising with either sex is quite normal.There could be a chance you may end up Bi but it's really a bit early to put a label on yourself just yet.If you get a chance try a bit of both male and female company as it's the only way to learn.Anyway good luck with everything.

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    Boudaries of tradition, culture or religion are quite strong and they make you stuck sometimes. From what you wrote, i would say you're gay. If we scale the homosexuality from 0 to 9, you must be at 7. It's normal that you have feelings for either men or women now because you're still fresh, young and sensitive at this age .But you're very much turned on by men.... Just go for it and don't keep denying. You will love a Mr.Right very much.... believe me!

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    You may have just a sexual attraction to guys and nothing more, it'd be more likely that you were gay if you found that you had feelings for a close guy friend, because i've found that sometimes you can't control your sexual desires at all.

    If i was you i'd probably ask myself if i could ever see myself having a proper relationship with a guy, i think you'd get your answer then.

    But i'd say you aren't gay from reading that, that you could possibly be bi and that your most likely straight.

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    I would just say you are in puberty- embrace learning and experimenting with your sexuality and when you know what label you choose to give yourself, then do it. IT sounds like your curious and exploring but based on what you wrote it doesn't sound like anything more at this point.

    Also Dr. Alfred Kinsey was a pioneer researcher regarding the psychology of homosexuality and created a continuum for people to fall in but it is hardly fact and Kinsey's views were challenged in psycho-pathological aspects as early as the DSM-II.

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    It sounds like you may have real feelings like love for girls and just lust for guys . It would probably be best to keep your sexual feelings to yourself untill you are sure that you are gay and that you can fall in love with a guy . Other wise you should keep hope for a regular hetro-sexual relationship . I am a hetro male but i also like masturbation to other things not just playboy models . Be true to your own feelings , good luck .

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    1 decade ago

    All these details confirm my answer to your previous question: On the Kinsey scale, you'd be "Mostly Gay with Some Heterosexual Feelings."

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    You devoted one sentence to your girlfriend, and the rest of the long paragraph to sexual arousal by men. I'm guessing here, but I think you're gay. Yes, I was being sarcastic, but just a little.

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    1 decade ago

    I'll vote bi

    now all you need to do is gain more experience in life, dating and all that to see where it leads you.

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