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I have been diagnos to have experience a periodic hypokalemic paralysis,what is this ?

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    Hypokalemia is potassium that is too low which may cause interference in muscle and nerve activity in the body. Paralysis is a result of this, which is the inability to move. Hypokalemia may also cause high blood pressure, weakness, and muscle cramping.

    Because the normal range of potassium is so narrow, you could probably correct this through diet. Potatos and banannas are rich in potassium. Hypokalemia could be fatal due to arrythmias and respiratory depression due to the muscle impairment.

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    While the above is true, hypokalemia IS low potassium in the blood and those are some of the effects, being diagnosed with periodic hypokalemic paralysis is slightly different. That diagnosis indicates that you have a genetic disorder that causes you to create an abnormal ion channel (often this is a sodium ion channel) which predisposes you to periods of hypokalemia. I'd imagine this diagnosis was given by a physician, who hopefully can answer some more questions. But, if you'd like to read some on your own, this website might be helpful:


    And, here's a link to some support groups (depending on where you're from) to talk to others with this disorder and possibly share information. Hope things are well controlled for you at the moment.


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