Why was this advert banned? SABC?

I find it very thought provoking, what do you guys think?


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Kevin- Good question but in SA it does come down to race/tribe/people. The advert, in my opinion, was trying to put people in other people's shoes.

Update 2:

To the presumably white South Africans who seem to claim that "whites" would never live like that, how blerrie naive are you? Come to Europe and look at the slums and council estates of Britain, or Southern Italy- they are white, or what about the infamous trailer parks of the USA?

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    I actually laughed. This one is even better.


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  • Res
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    1 decade ago

    While I accept and understand that the advertisement is basically trying to help white people visualise themselves in the shoes of black people…it does not quite succeed; mainly because of the cultural differences. Underprivileged white people would not behave or exist in this manner; not because it is beneath them, but because it simply is not in their nature or culture. We have no affiliation to living in a hut, selling our wares on the street etc. This memory has been lost with our great, great, great, great forefathers. Black people do not need to go that far back. Some not at all. Our Soweto would have been different. Not necessarily better, but certainly different. I envy their riches. Most white people have to pay to try to get back to nature….most black people never lost it.

    I like the Advertisement though because it still has a much needed impact and eye opening effect. They should never have banned it.

    Oh Darth Vader...YOU TAKE THE CAKE!

    Now there is an example of using racial mentality to work for you!!!

  • Dicko
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    1 decade ago

    You mean it's a glimpse of what the future would hold if the blacks could get themselves together enough to do it. As it is, it just highlights the fact that the whites put the place together while the blacks sit around all day doing nothing much. There is an irony in that advert that they surely didn't mean it to have.

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    Im not from SA but i think it will cause a lot of complaints. I dont really like it, why does everything seem to come down to race.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very thought provoking.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thought provoking? More like hilarious! WTF? Soweto is the product (ultimately) of one group's superiority over that of another!

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