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When did the corruption in the Philippines started?

I want to know the History of corruption in Philippines and if possible kindly post your sources...Thanks!

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    I'm an Australian living in the Philippines, for what ever it be worth my Attorney mentioned that corruption began with the Spanish invasion in the 16th century. (somewhere around 4 to 5 hundred years ago) He has a Spanish friend living with him who also affirms this story.

    Sorry, not sure how true this is but it seems to make sense. Naturally the other countries that have taken over or overrun the place for various periods have had their fair share of influence too.

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    Since the Spanish colony when Filipinos are given a chance to participate in the government.. People are poor so the position was used to get themselves wealthy.. It's a combination of the desperate need of our ancestors, greed, and lesson learned from corrupt Spanish officials and priest before.. I'ts still obviously going on right now but in a really obvious and "in-your-face" way with no one having the power to stop it because the characters are the most powerful ones in the land who is in charge of upholding the law..

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    Corruption has been a controversy, long earlier Marcos got here to capability. President Elpidio Quirino grew to become into accused of corruption, with a golden "arinola" as a case in point. as a result, corruption has been around, each and every of the time, shown or not. that's consistently an allegation that pesters any decent. perhaps you're speaking of corruption interior the grand scale that all of us comprehend from cutting-edge background. if so, president Marcos might desire to have began that "scale" of corruption, touchdown him even interior the Guinness e book of information. i don't comprehend a thank you to respond on your area tale approximately Charice, and how that have been given into this question, extremely definitely. grew to become into that a corruption subject?

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    I am in agreement with digital. I was given a similar response many times. The first time when I first worked in the Philippines back in 1980 and numerous times throughout the years. Digital has my vote for best answer

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    FIRST..... corruption is not unique to the Philippines.....it exists in every nation

    SECOND....You are correct.....corruption is NOT normal to the Philippine culture ....over 2,000 years ago China named Ma-Yi ( Philippines) the most honest nation in Asia.... it enjoyed that reputation for many years

    THIRD....While I would like to blame the Spanish for teaching the Filipinos corruption ..... I must also admit America did little to eliminate it either

    FOURTH..... Corruption is almost an institution..... it is an integral part of everyday life from the highest levels of government to the smallest baranguy......many of the people involved in corruption are not themselves corrupt but merely pawns in the system.... most Filipinos are basically honest......corruption erodes self respect and moral values.....associate with it long enough.....and you accept it as a norm

    FIFTH Corruption is almost impossible to weed out..... if a politician attempts to fire or punish corrupt employees.....he will never get re-elected..... even though everyone knows he did a "good" thing, pakikisoma will destroy him ..... you must go along to get along.... while corruption is rampant.....the ombudsman office could only find 75 cases and only convict 55.....?? Hell I can walk out my door and find government employees earning 15,000 Ph P a month .....living in 2.5 million dollar homes driving new cars and sending their children to the finest universities.... "none are so blind as those who will not see"

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    remember what MIriam Santiago said during the ZTE deal controversy?

    "The Chinese brought corruption here in the Philippines"

    So that must have been a very long time ago....

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    corruption started in every village in the philippines.even before the spanish era.but it became worst after the spanish took over the country.before the spanish came.philippines was ruled by datus and rajah.they acquired lands through violent means to kept their powers and give the powers to their next of kins.

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    corruption starts from time immorial. it is not unique in the philippines. It is just rooted that man in nature are not satisfied with what it have.

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    well, all the people in the philippines don't know exactly the root of that corruption..me either!


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    all answers are convenience.. but to me, the corruptions began when peoples mind are distracted with wealth and discrimination on poor people..

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