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Does he like or does he not?

okay i sent the guy i like (he knows i like him) a multiple chose text thing that said a bunch of answers 1 through 10 and the girl who sent it to me her signature is "off limits!!!!" and ryan the guy i like the one i sent it to texted back "11 off limits" then i was like "whats that suppised to mean" and these are his exact words "maybe it is the sign you have been waiting for(:"

and the last time i saw him was movie night and i was with my friend and it was at her little sisters school so we went to it and when he saw me he hugged me and held on to me for like 2 minutes and i had to practiccaly prie myself away from him.

but when ever i ask him he says he doesnt like me like that and i have asked him out before and he said no.

so does he like me?????????????????????????????????

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    it sounds like he does like you but for some reason he's holding back... but since he's said no before then maybe he just likes the attention that you give him so he kind of eggs you on when he sees you... i think in order to see if he does like you then you need to not try so much and let him come to you. When you make yourself too needy or available to a guy then he kind of takes it for granted and just sucks up all the attention.

    Source(s): 23 years young, NYC
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