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Foot Fetish?

I like girl's feet and every time I see a cute or pretty girl wearing flip-flops or fancy high heels I get REALLY turned on. I like how their feet are cute and how they have painted toenails and stuff like that. Is this a problem and does this mean that I have what people call foot fetish, cause I know that there are many people that hate feet. Also the funny thing is that I hate my feet and I always wear socks even in my own house, I NEVER walk barefoot....

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    1-- Is it a problem? No.

    2-- Do you have a foot fetish? As is always the case, someone is going to reply, thinking they sound smart, by saying: "technically it's not a fetish if you don't absolutely need it to climax, as I learned in that abnormal psych class I took in community college before I dropped out." What those people aren't considering is that there is often more than one definition of a word. In the narrow, clinical sense, no you don't technically have a "fetish." But under the more common usage of the word, yes, you definitely have a fetish. When you hear people say "foot fetish," probably 95% of the time they're talking about what you've got, not the narrow sense of the word.

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    yep you have a foot fetish.

    i have one too and i love feet alot and i dont think its something to be ashamed of.

    it is a common fetish.

    its not like your into the really weird freaky fetishes out there and in my opinion its just a harmless fetish.

    so if a girl calls you a freak you could always tell her bout the really weird ones and yours is just mainly harmless but i dont know if that works cuz the girls ive told were cool with it but they would only let them look and give massages no toe sucking or footjobs.

    so i dont think this helped much but since i have a foot fetish too i thought i should answer it.

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    a fetish is something you have to involve to get arroused and perform sexually. if it is a true fetish, you would have to have feet involved in some form to have sex.

    enjoying something other than what some might call normal isnt a fetish. take feet. being turned on by a foot job or sucking toes isnt a fetish if it is just something you enjoy as part of other things. a true fetish means you have to have it to function sexually.

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    What are you talking about-person with all the stuff about foot binding in China?

    Anyway, I have a foot fetish too. It's nothing too crazy. I have told one girl, and she didn't freak out or anything, she just said it's not that big of deal.

    You can send me an e-mail or something if you wanna chat.

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    Sounds like you have a foot fetish. It's not a bad thing. Everyone has their own vice.

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    We want what we dont have. There was a Chinese Emporer that liked small feet and so he passed a law that all girls must have tiny feet because his own girlfriend had tiny feet so that were the tying came in. Chinese girls wouldnt ever get married if they didnt have feet the size of a 2 year old in America nowadays. So they would get their feets tied and squished into these little ballet flats and werent able to walk , this mostly happen to the rich girls. The poor girls in China waited because they had allot of work and needed their legs/feet. The girls who got their feet binded would have sore feet and infections ALL SORTS OF THINGS but it wouldnt show bc they were always covered with cute little flats. Anyway - Its still ok , we want what we dont have. I'm attracted to pale people with light eyes because I have olive skin and dark eyes. Thnx for 2 points.

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    Jesus man I love feet, when I see students in my college wearing any type of shoe that shows any part of their foot I just get the URGE baby, un be freakin believable so yeah when masturbating I always jerk off to feet vids on Youtube and pretend I'm getting a footjob from them.

    Gonna ask my girlfriend for a FJ, I'll hit her if she doesn't give me one. POW right in the kisser!!

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    hell yea its a foot fetish...foot fetishes are awesome and girls feet ARE so cure

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    haha yes you have a foot fetish and no it's not a problem! both my boyfriend and i have foot fetishes..

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    um yeah. thats a foot fetish, and its creepy. feet are nasty. ur a crazy man.

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