I have a hungry hungry baby and VERY sore nipples on my hand what to do?

Okay so two weeks into breastfeeding and my nipples are cracked and red and scabby and they hurt BAD! So lately I've been pumping with my medela because it doesn't hurt so bad...The problem is my lil boy 2 week old 9lb 2oz boy is not happy with just what I can pump....He cries and cries until I supplement him with formula...I feel bad because I want to breastfeed so bad and I dont want to have to rely on formula....I've been using the lasinoh on my nipples but its just taking time...When will my nipples stop hurting and harden up AND is pumping/formula bad for the baby????? HELP!


ALSO I am sooooooo afraid that he will get use to the bottle and not latch anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Here's what I do:

    In the beginning I always use this cream before and after the nursing--it is safe for babies to ingest and the ingredients are all natural. Do not wash the product off even after the feeding is done. Also, do not wash the nipples with any soap or wipes--nothing, just rinse with water. I swear by this product and give it to all the mommies I know who are expecting.


    When they are really sore I use these gel pads--you use the same ones for about 3-5 days--until they are yucky. You don't have to worry about them getting "rotten" or anything because they don't absorb milk--and your milk has antibacterial properties.


    Last: I use the medela shields between nursings if the pain gets too bad, it makes it so that you can "air" those puppies out and still wear a bra for support. Don't wear the pads and shields at the same time.


    They say they are for "inverted nipples" but they work great for letting the breast have air between feedings.

    You should also express just a little milk from each breast before and after a feeding and rub it into the nipple to moisturize and prevent infection from the scabbing.

    I know this sounds like a lot, but I also know it all worked very well for me and I will be doing it all again for my next little one.

    Good for you for sticking to breastfeeding. See a lactation consultant too if you can. Call the LLL if there is a local chapter near you, or you can message me too--although one on one personal help will be the best. You can do it! You're strong and a woman, you've got what it takes.

    Also, look at the kellymom.com website, there are many links to good info as well as some interesting stuff to read.

    Much love!

  • OK i had the same problem and finally met with a lactation consultant that knew what she was doing and my daughter was not latching on properly. My nipples were bleeding and i was ready to give up. thank goodness she came to my rescue when she did. So i would defiantly see a lactation consultant and make sure your latch is good. as for your nipples use your own breast milk it works like a charm. also let your breast air out as much as possible. I always went topless with a shirt nearby just in case. pumping and formula is not bad for baby but i think you already know breast milk is the best thing you can give him. i hope you will find a lactation consultant and they can help you to continue to breastfeed.

    edit: when you supplement feed him from a cup or syringe so he does not get used to a bottle.

    Choices in Offering Supplements

    If the need arises to supplement, there are many ways in which the supplement can be offered. The supplement can be given by cup, syringe or dropper, finger feeding, a nursing supplementer, and of course by bottle. Mother may want to consider the age of the baby, and the circumstances, before deciding which method might be best for her and her baby.

    How much to supplement can be determined by calculating how much milk baby needs to take in for age and weight in a 24 hr period.

    Understanding how the breast works, and what's normal in the breastfeeding relationship, may help prevent unnecessary supplementation.

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    firstly, make sure you let your nipples air out....walk around with them literally hanging out, lol! (just leave the bra unclipped at the front) The fresh air will let them dry properly in between and then they won't be squashed up all the time....keep using the lansinoh on them constantly too.

    You can also purchase a nippple shield that you put over your nipple when feeding (kind of like having a bottle teat between you and baby) so that you aren't having direct contact. It can help the nipples heal properly and quickly because they aren't directly being sucked on.

    It usually does take several weeks for it to be 100% established and not painful anymore. I found it took about 4-5 weeks with my first. It was not the most fun time in the world at that point but it DID get better I and really enjoyed feeding from that point on.

    Hang in there and keep feeding him if you can stand it. IT WILL GET BETTER !!!

    You can do the supplement with formula thing but the less you feed the less milk you will produce. Then you may have the added stress of a dwindling milk supply once your nipples have healed which is just adding to your problems. I wouldn't supplement at the moment if you can possibly avoid it.

    Try phoning your local breastfeeding association, le leche legue or child health clinic for support and one on one advice. A lactation consultant that comes to you can be really beneficial if you want something more personal. I had one with my first and if it hadn't been for her I would have given up feeding.

    Good luck, keep trying it will get better!

    Source(s): mum of 2 and 31wks with a boy!
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    Are you sure he's latching correctly? I ask because when baby's only latch onto the nipple part it can cause my soreness, they need to latch on correctly, more than just the nipple, pumping isn't bad for the baby at all, any breast milk is good. Go to your hospital's maternity ward or the La Leche League to see if they have any good ideas or strategys, they see this all the time. I don't remember how long it took before it didn't hurt (he's 30 yrs) but I do remember at 5 months, it started hurting very bad again and I just kept doing it and then we introduced food, he weaned himself at 11 months.

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    My first son didn't latch on at first either. If the breast is too full it will be difficult for her so express some milk first so that helps a bit. Have a little milk at the tip of the nipple to encourage her and pull back on the breast so that the nipple is easier to hold, and put the nipple in her mouth. If she doesn't latch on, take the nipple from her and give her again. Keep taking it away if she doesn't get it right. She will probably start snapping and grab more firmly. It worked with my son, hope it helps you. Congrats and good luck.

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    If your nipples are cracking, then your son isn't latching on correctly, especially if it's been two weeks, and your nipples are that extremely sore. You need to get ahold of a lactation consultant (look for a local WIC clinic, or someone with the La Leche League), who can help you with the proper positioning. I had the same problem with all three of my babies, and had to find the position (s) that worked for them. With my youngest (he's now 18 months, I breastfed for 13 months), the only position he could comfortably nurse in was the cradle position, holding his tummy to my tummy. Keep up with the lanolin...it will help...don't be afraid to put it on more often, if you need it! Avoid body washes, lotions, anything else getting put on your nippes, that might further aggravate them. Good Luck, and you're doing great, trying your hardest to breastfeed. The first 6 weeks are usually the hardest....keep trying!

    Source(s): breastfed all three of my kiddos
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    I would make an appt. with your local La Leche League just to see if your son is latching on right. I had so many problems breast feeding with cracked sore nipples. I ended up buying nipple shields. Here is the link to the ones I used. They are from Babies R Us http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId...

    These not only helped relieve the soreness but they also helped him latch on better so he was drinking more.

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    By 2 weeks your nipples shouldn't be that bad. Your baby is not latching completely correctly. I recommend contacting the lactation consultant asap. You will not be able to properly establish your milk supply if you supplement with formula.

    Source(s): Exclusive breastfeeding and full-time working mommy of 5 month old daughter.
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    I know it sounds simple, but put your own milk on your nipples and let them air dry as often as you like. And believe me, skipping a feeding will only make it worse. The more you feed him the better it will get. It is very important you have a correct latch though. If you don't they will hurt. Be strong, your baby needs your milk from you and you can do it. I've been there.

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    I think that it is easier for the baby to drink from the bottle then the breast. The reason your nipples may be cracked is because the baby is not latched on your breast correctly. Contact you OB or midwife and have them help you.

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