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If I have a digital tv with only antenna on my house ,will I need to buy a converter box?

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    No, if your TV is already DTV capable, you are fine!

  • The whole point of a Digital converter box is to convert a Digital signal to a Analog signal so a analog TV can show a picture. So if you are sure that your TV is digital no you will not need to buy a converter box to show over air digital signals.

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    No. If you have a digital TV all you need is a good enough antenna pointed in the direction of the local stations.

    Thank goodness for Jeff, Bernie R, and RT. Other answers are wrong because they did not pay attention to the wording of your question.

    As for finding out where your local digital stations are located - if you live in the US - check out this web site which helps you Choose An Antenna:

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    That's hard to say without a bit more information. If you have the manual for the TV or can Google the model number, check to see if it has an "ATSC tuner". If it does, you are all set.

    The digital signals are in the air now. If your TV is connected to an antenna, scan for channels. Digital channels look like 60.1, 5.2, etc. If you are getting those, you are watching Over The Air digital channels.

    I hope this helps.

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    No, you only need to buy a converter box if you have an analog TV and are receiving a analog signal. This signal comes from rabbit ears and an outside antennae. The government is taking away the analog signal in Feb. 2009.

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    Nope, your tv already has a digital tuner in it.

    Just check your manual though to be sure.

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    No. Those computer ones are all digital.

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    Yes by feb 2009. you can get one at wal mart for under $60. Go to to get 2 $40off coupons!

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    well if you tv does not say hd on it then you will have to get a new 1 unless u have directv or something like tahat

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