Another question on proof...?

Lots of questions today about proof of God- I would like to know (respectfully)-

Other than the Bible, what proof is there of God? What (if anything) would Christians follow if such a book did not exist?

I don't consider "life" or anything that simplistic a logical response, just to let you know. Life certianaly could have come from something else.

I suppose this question is mainly for the Christians out there...



right, apologies

then this question is to everyone with a holy book!

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    There is no proof other than the experiential knowledge that a Christian or theist can assert to himself. This experiential knowledge cannot be conveyed. It's like explaining the taste of sugar to someone who hasn't even tasted sweet.

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    Every breath you take is proof of God's existence. If He didn't exist you could do even that. There is proof all around the world. A good example in my life is my dad. Before he got saved he was a hardcore drunk and he smoked like there was no tomorrow. But the very same day he gave his life to Jesus all that smoking, drinking, cursing, etc stopped immediately. And I always hear about how people have such a hard time stopping those things. And my dad was really into them, so for him to stop so suddenly after he got saved proves to me that God is real. And now my dad is a Pastor over his own church. That's another miracle.

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    You might have missed a similar question posted by someone else, asking (without use of the bible citations) for proof of God... I just cut and pasted my response to that one...

    The conscience: You mentioned "universal moral law". Let's start with that. Except for sociopaths of course, we all have a conscience. Why is that? If we are here simply to exist for a time and procreate to perpetuate the species, why do we have an inherent sense of right and wrong?

    Altruism: Interesting writing by Dr. Frances Collins, author of "the Language of God" and head of The Human Genome Project. He has trouble with the concept of the doing of good without expection of reward in the context of evolution. You can find an exerpt if you search the ABC News website. That's where I read it. BTW I mentioned this here some time ago and was told that it's no big deal. Of course members of a group do for one another for the group's survival. Well, how about when people sacrifice themselves for total strangers. How is that about survival of their "group"?????

    Nature at large: I look at the natural world around me and my very logical brain does not understand how the lovely and beautiful things around me, the amazing order in the universe, came about at random.

    I hope that's helpful.

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    According to the Bible no one will have an excuse to not know God even without a Bible for all of creation testifies of God. And if there were no one to worship God then even the rocks would cry out His name. So to answer your question, even without a "book" Many would still love and follow God.

    Rom 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

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    The Roman Orthodox Church that decided what was and what was not the Bible. The therapy for the soul that is preserved and passed down in that body is such a reality that it would easily reconstruct a set of works if the Bible did not exist.

    Notice i did not say Roman Catholic nor Eastern Orthodox.

    Source(s): Stating what is known but not obvious.
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    Read C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity. It goes through the arguments that convinced this ex-atheist that God must exist. I read it in college 10 or more years ago and I remember it had lots of good arguments but unfortunately I can't remember what they were--I mostly believe on faith.

    And speaking of faith, pray that you can find it--the Holy Spirit can open your eyes to the proofs of God's existence. Just try it--what can it hurt?

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    If it were only a book, there are many books that claim to be the word of God.

    Those who love and seek the truth receive a gift from God called faith.

    Through faith comes revelation from God.

    God sent the Holy Spirit to guide us in truth and provides revelation through the spirit.

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    God showing up is the only proof that cannot be denied. The proof, 'someone said so' or ' it is written in a book', would be thrown out of any Court of Law.

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    The Vedas predate the bible by at least a thousand years. They are the oldest texts on earth. The Vedas also contain information about God, spoken by God. In fact, it is said that God Himself wrote the Vedas, so that the information would be perfect. All other religious texts, including the bible, take their histories in part from the Vedas.

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    Let's look at physics shall we. In a micro level of , well everything we know to exist, all things are actually one. There isn't a divide between you, me this computer .or the walls you sit behind. If we refer back to the bible, I know you don't wanna but check this out, God is not the tree, is not water, is not any particular single thing, but all are of him. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sounds pretty close don't you think? Are you going to argue with science too?

    Source(s): What the Bleep do we know, Down the rabbit hole.
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    To the person that said the bible proves itself, he needs to study bible history. The prophecies were written after the event and archaelogical evidence is scant to non-existent. There is NO evidence of the israelites in the desert, nor of david's empire, etc.

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