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who do you want to win american idol?

david cook david a syesha?

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    I think it needs to be between David Cook and Syesha. David A isnt really that great and doesnt have the vocal range that the others have shown. But when it really comes down to it in the end it should be David Cook. Come on, anybody who does Over the Rainbow sexy wins me over!!! Kinda love his hair too! Syesha is a very very close 2nd her dance moves and love how she brings her stage presence!! Dont forget to vote!!!

  • I used to want Brooke White to win. She was so genuine, and was so sweet and had a great voice. Now that she's eliminated,(boo- hoo!), and don't even want to watch it anymore. David Cook is okay, sorta like a mini Chris Daughtry, David Archuleta is pretty good, though I have no idea how he breathes, (if u didn't notice.), and Siesha is not bad, though she's not good. She's in the middle. Well there's one good thing, JASON CASTRO WAS ELIMINATED!

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    david cook is the only decent one

  • fm1986
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    i want david cook to win, although archie will win since he's already been crowned from the get go.

    i'm content as long as syesha is eliminated this week or if not then at least she doesn't deserve to win. her voice is shrieky.

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  • Nicole
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    1 decade ago

    david cook....

    dont like david archuleta at all!

    why do people think he's so great and hot

    he looks like hes ******* 10 years old!!!!

    and he sux!

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont know i dont like david a. but david c. seems cocky. syesha is really good.

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