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How to properly write a mission statement?

I'm having a difficult time with creating a mission statement for myself as a massage therapist. My question is what should my mission statement cover if I want to do massage at a gym for sports related massage therapy? I DON'T want someone to write it out for me just to point me in the right direction..

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    1 decade ago
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    Your mission statement is about you, your company, and your ideals. Read other companies’ mission statements, but write a statement that is about you and not some other company. Make sure you actually believe in what you’re writing; your customers and your employees will soon spot a lie.

    Keep it short. The best mission statements tend to be three to four sentences long.

    Ask for input. Run your mission statement draft by your employees. Is it clear and easily understood, or does it sound like something from the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator?

    Avoid saying how great you are, what great quality and what great service you provide.

    The mission of Celestial Pyramid Massage is to provide compassionate, relaxing, healing therapeutic massage techniques in a safe and hygienic environment. To assist the client by addressing their needs in reducing stress, release muscle tension, recover from injury and relaxation using appropriate modalities; while providing the client with soothing healing music and touch therapies for Body, Mind and Spririt.

    Mission statement

    The Massage Therapy Research Consortium advances massage therapy education and practice, and enhances public health, by collaboratively building research capacity in our schools, and by fostering partnerships with research scientists in our communities.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A mission statement is what you or your company is about. It is generally a 3-4 line staement about what you/company believe in and strive for. Most general mission statements are about beliefs in customer service, satisfaction, quality and preformace of employees and products.

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    4 years ago

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