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What movie was the first to put a paint scheme on a Nascar racecar?

Does anyone know or have details about the very first motion picture to have a custom car at a Nascar race? What movie was the first to have one? Was it Day's of Thunder?

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    Jurassic Park: The Lost World was the first movie to be a main sponsor on a Nascar car (Jeff Gordon's #24 in 1997). The following year were Small Soldiers on Bobby Labonte's #18, and Batman and Joker on Dale Jarrett's #88 and Kenny Irwin's #28. Movies Promoters really didn't discover the marketing potential of Nascar until the late '90's. Even with Days of Thunder, there was no car paint scheme to go with the release of the movie.

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    If your asking which movie first grazed the hood of a car, I think it was Jurassic Park on Jeff Gordons hood. But I'm not 100% sure on this.

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    The movie batman was on bill elliots car

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    I agree with you It was Days of Thunder, Tom Cruise was one heck of a NASCAR Driver in that film.

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