"Bad" mommies - what do you have to confess?

This should be fun... what are some "bad" things you do? Things that are against the norm, but still perfectly fine.

I have a 5 month old daughter. I...

- Let her sleep with a blanket

- I co-sleep for naps

- I let my daughter sleep on her tummy if she happens to roll that way.

- I started her on cereal a couple days before she turned 4 months old.

- I haven't thrown out my plastic baby bottles yet... my daughter is breastfed and for the 3 times in her life she will use a bottle, I don't think BPA will kill her.


Amen, k b. :)

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  • Kass
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    1 decade ago
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    I let my daughter sleep on her stomach because she wont sleep on her back and she eats rice cereal and drinks juice we take naps together during the day and we watch tv together.

    i DONT care what you have to say about that because shes MY daughter not YOURS!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Im a tad bit scared to confess.. But... I will lol. I don't take my vitamins. They make me soooo constipated. Im not talking about being a little bit constipated, im talking about majorly constipated and its not nice. So i stopped taking my vitamins. Vitim ins haven't been around forever but healthy babies have. I do tend to wake up in the morning and realize ive been sleeping on my back - that's not intentional, im a crazy sleeper, i toss and turn all night long. Soda, now i do drink water but cant resist drinking soft drink too. White wine, I also had a glass of wine with my dinner last week. I was reading in a baby book (what to expect when you are expecting) that 1 glass of wine is ok, i think it said every week or every 2 weeks. I eat a bit more junk then i should and ive become completely lazy in regards to cleaning my house. I just have zero energy. Yikes, reading all that makes me feel terrible lol. But it is true that there is no perfect mummy. Ive seen some posters say they don't do anything that they shouldn't do but i find that very very hard to believe. Awesome Questions :)

  • 1 decade ago

    My 17 month old still gets a bottle before bed. I brush her teeth right after, so I don't see it as a problem. She'll let me know when she no longer wants one. She decided when she no longer wanted me to feed her, and she decided when she no longer wanted to be rocked to sleep. I see this going the same way.

    She watches an episode of the Backyardigans everyday. I don't have the heart to tell her no. She loves her main man, Pablo, too much...LOL.

    We still co-sleep

    She had chocolate pudding last night for desert.

    The list goes on and on...LOL. But, I think these small things that we all do differently with our children makes us unique parents, not "bad" parents.

    Edit: Uber, I thought this question was about acknowledging what *others* might see as "bad parenting". Not the other way around. I certainly feel no shame in sleeping with my daughter, and I take offense that someone would assume that's what I was implying.

  • LOL i am a mom of two and 29 weeks 1 day prego now.

    1.I eat cold meat and hot dogs without warming them up all the time and not once ever have i gotten listeria or sick..

    2.I used plastic bottles 4 and a half years ago with my first born and 3 and a half with my second born. Never heard of bpa before. Still have little concern over it.

    3.Ignore a lot of ranting raving lunatics who claim everything you do, eat , drink, is terrible in pregnancy. Lighten up people.

    4. I let my kids sleep how ever they were comfortable and allowed them and me to sleep!

    5.I do not freak when my kids get dirty or make a mess. Thus is kids and life.

    6.I let the laundry pile up for a couple days at a time. OH WELL!

    7.On beautiful days i take the kids out and let them play rather then do all the chores i should LMAO!

    Source(s): Mom too a 4 and a half year old little girl and 3 and a half year old little boy and 29 weeks 1 day with a little boy!
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  • 1 decade ago

    I give my son chocolate milk (soy) on a regular basis (he's 19months old)

    I am not above bribery with sweets.

    I let him get dirty and I encourage it.

    He regularly eats food he drops on the floor.

    He doesn't always wear a hat outside.

    When he was a baby, I bottle fed with formula (couldn't breastfeed due to medical stuff after c-section).

    He slept with a blanket - and still sleeps with a blanket and a million toys in his crib.

    He ate cereal and some solids at 3 months old.

    Remembered some more!

    I let him watch tv every day. He loves the Wiggles and we eat breakfast in front of the tv.

    I let him have a taste of my soda. Never again, though!

  • great fun question...I keep my son in his crib an extra 30 minutes to an hour when he wakes up to play with his toys so i can chill myself, picked up a fork off a mcdonalds floor that he flung and let him eat with it again(he's my 2nd kid, so it's the 5 second pick up rule now), use the t.v. as a babysitter so i can take a shower, he sucks his thumb... he is 2 yrs old and he can do it until HE decides no more just like my daughter did at 6 yrs old, I feed both my kids mcdonalds once a week and neither one is fat cause convience is easier than making a full blown meal that the kids will only eat a little off anyways!! I carry cookies and chips with me to the store so if he acts up in the store, i give it to him so i can shop in peace!!

    Source(s): 36 yr old mother of a 2 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hehe good game! My list will probably be quite long! :P

    I have a four and a half month old and I confess:

    - I sometimes sit him in front of the TV while I need five minutes to myself (though in fairness the 5 minutes are usually to do his washing up or something!)

    - Sometimes if he falls asleep during a feed I'll leave him and wind him when he wakes up

    - I used to only bath him every three or four days (every day now though... stinky baby!)

    - He was in his Moses Basket until only a week ago

    - I let him sleep with a blanket

    - We used to co-sleep, and I have fallen asleep with him on the sofa before

    Told you my list was long!!! *gives self a good telling off*

    If anybody reads this thread and judges anyone then they can't be parents or at least not involved parents as I don't believe there's a single mum or dad out there that doesn't cut corners occasionally!

    Just remembered another one... at 4 months he grabbed some chocolate and started sucking it and I waited a few seconds before taking it off him as it was funny watching his face!

    Right thought of a few more! (am beginning to feel like a bad mum now!!)

    I have only ever cut his nails with scissors once in his life as am terrified of cutting him - I do nibble them but he still often scratches himself, and he's never kept a pair of scratch mitts on longer than 2 minutes in his life!

    I've left him asleep in the pram or car seat in the past if he's been asleep when we get in.

    I pick his nose!

    I often let him wear the same pair of socks 2 or 3 days in a row if they stay clean, as it's so rare to have a matching pair nowadays, even though I'm buying them by the dozen!

    I play The Beatles, Guns n Roses, Kiss, etc to him instead of lullabies!

    Ok I think that's me done!

  • 1 decade ago

    lets see.....my daughter is 11 months

    i have taken her out without a coat when it was cold out-we were going to the car and then inside!

    i have given her chocolot when she was 5 months old-she really liked it

    i turn the tv on way too much around her

    when i get home from work and school i often just stick her in her play area with a bottle and watch tv until she falls asleep

    i hold her upside down-she loves it

    she goes to a babysitter during the day and then to my parents or in laws at night while im in school....

  • 1 decade ago

    Let me just say I am thankful that I do not know anyone like Uber.Enough said.I am "guilty" of letting my son sleep on his tummy,cuddling and playing with him instead of doing housework,leaving him asleep in his swing or bed to take a shower,giving him rice cereal at night,not running to him the second he starts crying & I think that is about it.I do not feel guilty at all for any of this nor do I think it is bad.I know I do a good job as a mommy & my son is more attached to me than anyone else in the world.

    Source(s): What is with all the thumbs down for everybody?
  • 1 decade ago

    Mainly its about my attitude. I deeply resent when people ask me "What I do all day"? as a SAHM...I feel the answer should be quite obvious when they see my 2 daughters healthy and well-dressed standing at my side. They don't take care of themselves LOL.

    I also confess that I...gasp turn my back to get a towel when they are both in the bathtub...sometimes I get a washcloth, too. They are 3 1/2 and 16 months old.

    I also confess that I actually like doing housework. Its a big stress reliever for me. I know that most people would think that is highly abnormal : D

    I let my 16 month old drink from a bottle still, and I'll give her chocolate milk in it on request. She loves it and drinks more milk that way. The pediatrician thinks she should drink from a sippy, but she likes the bottle and I'm not taking it away just yet.

    I....gasp....let my children have a Happy Meal at Mc Donalds for a treat once a week. They love it!

    Source(s): Mom of 2 little girls and 26 wks pregnant with a baby boy. Former Nurse and now a full-time Mom.
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    I put cereal in my daughters bottle when she was just over a couple of months old. Advice given by the 2 pple i trust the most in life, my parents. And it did no harm.

    I do have the tv on, for her in the morning, tho the only show she really watches is the Doodlebops.

    She still has a soother and is almost 18 months

    And i let her CIO once at 14 months, and she survived it. Again, advice from pple i know and trust.

    And if my daughter did roll over on her tummy, i didn't move her back.

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