TBS lineup changes?

ok, so i'm just wondering why tbs has gone through so many lineup changes since they formed in '99 and i'm hoping someone out there can help me in understanding this. and please, don't give me that whole "if you are a true fan you'd know" bullcrap cuss i don't want to read it. so i know why Jesse Lacey left, but i don't know why Antonio Longo, Steven DeJoseph (Stevie D), John Nolan, Stephen Cooper, and Fred Mascherino left. I've heard Eddie Reyes had a problem w/ Longo so he kicked him out, but idk why and Mascherino has given several excuses for his departure but i think theres more to his reasoning than what he says. so can someone help me out with this?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm a huge TBS fan...I've seen them in concert & met them 4 times...I believe most of them left to do their own projects. I'm not sure why Antonio Longo was forced to leave, but he was definitely kicked out of the band. I'm also not sure why Stevie D left. The rest of the guys all left to do their own things. I know John Nolan & Shaun Cooper formed Straylight Run. Fred left to do his solo gig...The Color Fred. I just think at some point, all bands have different ideas of where they want to go musically...and sometimes those ideas clash so they have to go their seperate ways.

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