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    According to privacy regulation, employers have the obligation to inform employees in writing if there is having any security system installed, such as security camera.

    Case study

    It happened in Canada in December 4 years ago. Due to the rapid increase in stealing parcels from post office, government decided to install security cameras to capture dishonest staffs during Christmas. Those security cameras were installed in some corners, which were hardly noticed. It turned out that some staffs (not remember the exact number of staffs) were captured by security cameras of stealing parcels. The judge refused to accept the records of security cameras to be evidences, because the installment of security cameras was not informed properly to employees. Therefore, those staffs were released not guilty.

    Please keep in mind that the films of security cameras may not be an evidence to sue you in court, but it can be a valid evidence to fire you. Of course, you may be able to sue your employers regarding the improper notification of the security cameras, but it is not worthwhile to try it.

  • 基於私穩條例原故 如果安了閉路電視應通知員工的 .

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