Eng - He had hit upon a potentially lucrative niche ?

Dearing Writing Experts, pls explain。 or Haha Tse, can you explain

He had hit upon a potentially lucrative niche ?

What does it mean "niche" in Cantonese?

中文是"壁龕", 但不明廣東的俗語是什麼, 有點生硬

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    I think should be like this.....

    niche, 本義簡作牆壁上的小閣

    Niche: A shallow ornamental recess or hollow set into a wall, usually for the purpose of containing a statue or other decorative object.


    Niche:Business (orig. U.S.). A position from which an entrepreneur seeks to exploit a shortcoming or an opportunity in an economy, market, etc.; (hence) a specialized market for a product or service.



    Hope it helps

    Source(s): Oxford Dictionary ,yahoo knowledge
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