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• -- SELL MORE THAN A PRODUCT. 3M Corp. reduced inventory by some 5%, or $500,000, for its customer Boise Cascade and increased inventory turns from six to 16 at a Los Angeles location. Among other initiatives, 3M speeded delivery by affixing logistics labels that mapped out slot locations in Boise Cascade's warehouse. (3M sells office items to Boise Cascade, which, in addition to selling lumber, distributes office products.) 3M's Chuck Harstad, vice president of commercial office supplies, credits cross-functional teams that included people from logistics, management information systems, and sales. Says Harstad: "All these people have contact points with the customer. Each point of contact is a point of ownership to satisfy the customer."

The basic idea: Understand and solve a customer's business problem and you've deepened the relationship. When an office-supplies superstore customer recently kicked off a joint venture in Australia, 3M dispatched two employees to its Australian subsidiary to educate that division on the special needs of a superstore.





但偏偏我英文不好 >"<


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    --賣的不只是商品—3M公司為其客戶Boise Cascade大約降低了5%,也就是50萬美元的庫存,並將洛杉機某地的存貨週轉率從6提高到16。連同其他計劃一樣,3M藉由貼上Boise Cascade倉庫出入口地圖的物流標簽而加快了送貨的速度(3M對Boise Cascade的主要銷售項目是辦公室產品,而Boise Cascade除了賣木材以外,還經銷辦公室用品)。3M商用辦公用品部副總裁Chuck Harstad讚賞這支由物流、管理、資訊系統與業務部門所組成的多功能團隊。他說:「這些人都有他們接觸客戶的接觸點,每一個接觸點就是一個負責滿足客戶的機會點。


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