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COOKIE asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

What's wrong with American's? Why aren't we screaming and yelling!! We have so many resources to give us

knowledge these days.

Why aren't American's mad as hell !!

It seems the more people know

about corruption in the elections,

about why we're paying outrageous gas prices,

about 3 of the presidential candidates being members of the Council on Foreign Relations,

about the elimination of our borders to create

the North American Union with Canada and Mexico,

about the Federal Reserve Bank & the real reason we are in Iraq,

about the destruction of our Constitution...

the more knowledge American's have...

the more lackadaisical they become!

If this was the 70's we'd be marching on

D.C. and shutting it down!!

I just read where a foreigner wrote

"Americans are walking-wallets-with-legs for the

U.S. Government"!!

If a foreigner can see this..why can't American's?;_ylc=X3oDM...

[see "Laurie's" links to election corruptions and nothing is done]


"rhsaunders" ...Then why is the Arizona Senate trying to stop the NAU??? Please read -;_ylt=AsVBK...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They don't see the big picture of what's going to happen.

    This following song is called 2525 but should be called


    Youtube thumbnail


    The next song shows what happened the last time some American heros tried to make a protest of the Vietnam war.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Some are just to lazy and don't care.

    Others are fooled by the media, and believe the government is good enough to overcome any problem.

    But when you watch the leaders discuss America's problems the leaders seem like a bunch of grade school kids trying to figure out solutions.

    Just look at the candidates running they don't seem fit to be a Junior High school president, let alone lead the USA.

    They act as if their brains have been sucked out.

    The heros are sent to war to kill them, and that leaves just a handful of those left who really care about America.

    The band Steppenwolf had a song in 1968 that describes America to a T.


    From the 1968 release "Steppenwolf"

    Steppenwolf Cover

    Words and music by John Kay

    We'll call you when you're six years old

    And drag you to the factory

    To train your brain for eighteen years

    With promise of security

    But then you're free

    And forty years you waste to chase the dollar sign

    So you may die in Florida

    At the pleasant age of sixty nine

    The water's getting hard to drink

    We've mangled up the country side

    The air will choke you when you breathe

    We're all committing suicide

    But it's alright

    It's progress folks keep pushin' till your body rots

    Will strip the earth of all it's green

    And then divide her into parking lots

    But there's nothing you and I can do

    You and I are only two

    What's right and wrong is hard to say

    Forget about it for today

    We'll stick our heads into the sand

    Just pretend that all is grand

    Then hope that everything turns out ok

    You're free to speak your mind my friend

    As long as you agree with me

    Don't criticize the father land

    Or those who shape your destiny

    'Cause if you do

    You'll lose your job your mind and all the friends you knew

    We'll send out all our boys in blue

    They'll find a way to silence you

    But there's nothing you and I can do

    You and I are only two

    What's right and wrong is hard to say

    Forget about it for today

    We'll stick our heads into the sand

    Just pretend that all is grand

    Then hope that everything turns out ok

    © Copyright MCA Music (BMI)

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  • 1 decade ago

    It goes with the mentality of the people. Most normal Americans just want things left alone. They don't understand that some environmental extremist is in the BLM office lobbying to close the road which takes them to their favorite place to go camp, or fish, etc. They don't even realize it's gone, until they want to use it.

    Except it's not just that. This goes on throughout all government offices, concerning all things, all the way to the top. Gun rights, freedom of speech- dosen't matter what it is- if it's a freedom, someone is lobbying to end it, and take it away from us.

    I partially believe that groups/people like the world bank are controlling everything, and we just have a puppet government selling us their ideas (picture Bush, or Clinton/Obama as a used car salesman-hey if the shoe fits)

    However what I see most is that the 'criers, and screamers' are the ones who are protesting,and lobbying, and they are the ones taking large chunks of America away from us. Don't believe it- look at the price on the gas pumps. There is no rational reason for this. We The USA have oil right here at home, but tons of litigation, and lawsuits (from the many save the whales type groups) prevent us from touching it. EPA mandates have made building new refineries all but impossible- the last one built in the '70's. If this dosen't change we are doomed, as America cannot support itself on $5 gas.

    Logging, mining, manufacturing- virtually dead compared with what America used to be, and we have more people to buy the goods which are made from these things- once again lobbying, and litigation put the brakes on it- go figure!

    Back in the day we would have- and did have a Boston Tea Party to protest a government which was working against the people. I think those days are gone, as I see no backbone left in the people to stand up, and say this is bowlsh*t. Just look at how many people actually believe in a jerk like Obama. It's really sad. Bend over, and smile- Socialism is almost here.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't have a good answer-I've been asking the same question myself! Everyone is working so hard, the last thing most people want to do is research legislation and write/call their representatives (

    All I know is that when our Revolution started, only 12% of Colonists wanted to break from England! If they could do that, then so can we! I hope Americans wake up and are able to make change by civil disobedience. I feel that the root of all of our problems in this country is the Federal Reserve Bank and it needs to be abolished. I heard Lincoln and Kennedy opposed central banks and that was why they were assassinated. I am afraid that if something is not changed soon, there will be violence and that would break my heart.

    btw, I am mad as hell!

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  • Rachel
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    4 years ago

    I looked into a union job at the phone company about a year ago. The union was only able to negotiate a contract with AT&T for the technicians who install and repair the new ultra high speed DSL, for about half what the lowest paying union job would have paid, when adjusted for inflation, back in 1983, before the first amnesty. AT&T can hire private contractors, who will hire illegal aliens as helpers, who will do the work for 1/3 of that lowball offer. I know this to be true because, I tried to take on one of the private contracts, but could not make a profit with my American help with the price AT&T was willing to pay. If AT&T was doing exactly the same thing, with no illegal alien jobs involved, every liberal news outlet would be running hit piece stories about it, and every liberal movie producer would be makeing a documentary about how another greedy American corporation is sticking it to the American worker. Liberals like to point wagging fingers at businesses for their acts of greed when they feel they harm American consumers and workers, but only as long as those acts of greed don't involve illegal immigration, then all is fair and should be MADE legal. You and all the liberal politicians who want to flood this country with people who keep those jobs for paying wages that keep up with inflation, are lying when you call those jobs, "jobs that americans won't do" or "jobs that nobody ever had". It has become the responsiblity of every government to protect the job resources, for their own citizens, since the start of the industrial age. When the liberals, who normally fight so hard for the needs of the workers who need those resources protected, turn into guttless liars, like you, to protect a cheap illegal workforce for greedy business owners, just so you can take a position against working class Americans, on an issue that sounds just conservative enough to get you onto your soap boxes, you turn my stomach.

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  • people are apathetic , too busy with American idol , their ipods and games .Politics is/are boring and they cant 't be bothered , I hear ..Oh I'm too young to worry about that , Oh its out of my control , or basically I could care less .My shock is people are fine with fully armed guards in tactical gear and assault weapons in new york subways or a their local small town police arming themselves with assault weapons . The escalation violence the police are doing to peaceful people.These people will be willing to take a microchip and be tagged like an animal .

    Oh but i would give my liberties to insure our safety .. The founders of this country fought with their lives for us to be free , To be aware of a government that would get too big and out of control , They knew a dictatorship could happen if the checks and balances were done away with .

    Guess what people all laws are set in place for a dictatorship ..because we trusted our government .I too once thought , no way would this country would/could ever become a dictatorship ..but after researching patriot act spp, hr 1955 , nwo , fema camps ..I can see everything is lined up for a dictatorship .

    Ben Franklin quoted

    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

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  • dam
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    1 decade ago

    take away fishing, raising your own farm animals on a good size piece of property, some home assocations don't even let you grow a garden vegetable (I've been there) rise bridge fares and cut off the flow of oil and allow middle east countries to control it's price making the cost to even go to work a major concern.

    Somethings wrong

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    we are not the only countries that are paying high prices for gas, yelling and screaming and marching will only get you in trouble. Just be happy that you live in a country where you have rights and freedom of speech, religon and so on. There is nothing that you or I can do about anything, so just live your life to its fullest you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This sounds like a Ron Paul rant. There is much more heat than light here. One example: the "North American Union" was cooked up by a newspaper pundit; no one in a position of authority in any of the countries involved has the slightest interest in it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As I sit in the back of my pickup truck, drinking a cold beer, with my Bible and dog by my side while holding my shotgun.....ALL IS GOOD IN AMERICA.

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  • 1 decade ago


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