Need help finding the parents of an ancestor?

The persons name is George Kenneth Batteiger and he was born in 1930 died 1980 in Kentucky. If someone could please help me find out who is parents were and even if he had any brothers or sisters that would be great. if you need more information for your search please email me i help as much as possible. Please only serious answers.

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    Favorite Answer Death Index, 1911-2000

    Name: George K Batteiger

    Death Date: 19 Sep 1980

    Death Place: Fayette

    Age: 050

    RESIDENCE: Fayette

    Volume: 49

    Certificate: 24038

    Social Security Death Index

    Name: George Batteiger

    SSN: 315-24-6672

    Born: 11 Sep 1930

    Last Benefit: 40505 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, United States of America

    Died: Sep 1980

    State (Year) SSN issued: Indiana (Before 1951 )

    Family trees:

    George Kenneth ("Kenny") Batteiger

    Born: 11 Sep 1930--Mt. Vernon, Indiana,

    Died: 19 Sep 1980 --Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky

    (Parents: Michael Batteiger & W Gallmeyer )

    Married: 6 NOV 1954

    Judith Ann Cox (Parents: Orvil Cox, Sr, b. b: 13 AUG 1905 ; & Opal Phipps, b: 4 JUN 1909)

    Birth: 16 Jul 1934

    Death: 27 May 1999


    Dennis Batteiger-- M --b. Indiana, U.S.

    Living Batteiger M

    Living Batteiger F

    Living Batteiger

    George's parents:

    Michael Batteiger

    Birth: 25 Oct 1891--Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana

    Death: 12 Sep 1933--Evansville, Vandenburgh, Indiana


    Wilhelmina F Gallmeyer (Father: Frederick Gallmeyer)

    Birth: 23 Oct 1901--Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana

    Death: 16 Jul 1983-- Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana™ U.S. Social Security Death Index

    George BATTEIGER

    Birth Date: 11 Sep 1930

    Death Date: Sep 1980

    Social Security Number: 315-24-6672

    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Indiana

    Death Benefit Localities

    Zip Code: 40505

    Localities: Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky

    Father: Michael Batteiger (11th of 14 children)

    B: OCT 1891 , Posey, Indiana

    D: 12 SEP 1933 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana

    Burial: SEP 1933 Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana

    (Father: Anton Batteiger& Mother: Christina Frey)

    George's Mother: Willimina (or Wilhelmina) GALLMEYER

    Nickname: Minnie

    Birth: ABT 1901

    Death: 22 Jul 1983 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California, USA ; Burial: Jul 1983 Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

    George's paternal grandparents:

    Anton Batteiger

    B: 06 JUL 1843; Bayern, Germany

    D: 30 SEP 1915 Marrs Township, Posey, Indiana

    Burial: OCT 1915 Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana

    Marriage: 31 AUG 1871,Vanderburgh, Indiana to

    Christina Frey

    B. 28 DEC 1852 , Posey, Indiana

    D: 1899 ; with burial at Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana


    1. Jacob C. B. BATTEIGER (b: Sep 1872 in ,, Indiana, USA; d. 1946; buried Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Twp, Posey, IN; Nickname: JAKE, Married Twice)

    2. Hannah Lena BATTEIGER (b: ABT 1873 in ,, Indiana, USA; d. 10 Jul 1939 ; Burial: Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Twp, Posey, IN; Married: 19 Oct 1893 to Charles Simon KLEINSCHMIDT, b. 30 Jan 1866 in Indiana, USA; 2 children)

    3. Henry C. BATTEIGER (b: Sep 1875 in ,, Indiana, USA; d. 22 Jan 1944 in , Posey, Indiana; burial Immanuel Church Cemetery; Married: 26 Nov 1903 in , Posey, Indiana to Elizabeth S. MILLER b: ABT 1878 in IN)

    . 4.Katherine M. Batteiger (b.APR 1877 , Posey, Indiana ; d: 09 JUL 1947,Burial: Lippe Cemetery,Lippe, Robinson Twp, Posey, Indiana; Married: 30 Nov 1897 in , Posey, Indiana to George H. DICKHAUT b: Mar 1873 )

    5. Mary K. BATTEIGER ( b: Jun 1879 in , Posey, Indiana, USA; d. 8 Oct 1943 ; Burial: Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana; Married: 26 Dec 1900 in , Posey to Theodore SCHULTZ b: ABT 1874; 2 children)

    .6. Andreas Batteiger ( MAY 1880 to 1881; Burial: Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana; d. in infancy)

    . 7.Elizabeth Sophia Batteiger (FEB1882; Posey, IN to 7 APR 1956; buried Lippe Cemetery, Robinson Township, Posey, IN; burial Lippe Cemetery, Robinson Twp, Posey, Indiana, USA Married: 14 Apr 1901 in , Posey to William H. DICKHAUT b: Nov 1873) ;

    . 8. Anton John Batteiger (25 FEB 1884, Posey, IN to 4 MAR 1968; buried Sunset Memoria Park Cemetery, Evansville,IN; Married: 11 May 1913 in , Vanderburgh, Indiana to Marie C. BERGER b: 4 Oct 1884)

    9. Sophia BATTEIGER (b. Mar 1886 in , Posey; d. 1959. married Peter F. WILLMANN 5 May 1907 in , Posey--he was b. FEB 1884)

    10. Felix E Batteiger (APR 1888, Posey, IN to 5 MAR1910 Marrs Township; burial Immanuel Cemetery)

    . 11.Michael (see above--George's father)

    .12. John F Batteiger (DEC 1, 1893, Posey, IN ; to 14 APR 1975, Evansville, IN; burial Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery; Anna SCHERZINGER b: ABT 1898)

    13. Fred J. BATTEIGER b: 18 Aug 1895 in , Posey, Indiana, USA; d. 1 Sep 1984 in Wadesville, Center Twp, Posey, Indiana; Burial: Sep 1984 Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery;

    Married to Suzanne H. WOLF b: ABT 1901)

    . 14. William Batteiger (18 AUG to DEC 1895; Posey, IN; buried Immanuel Cemetery, Marrs Township; died in infancy)

    Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery is listed on but says there are no Betteigers buried there (have only 284 listings, however, so it could be no one has submitted any information)

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    Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000

    about George K Batteiger

    Name: George K Batteiger

    Death Date: 19 Sep 1980

    Death Place: Fayette

    Age: 050

    RESIDENCE: Fayette

    Volume: 49

    Certificate: 24038

    U.S. Public Records Index

    about George Batteiger

    Name: George Batteiger

    Birth Date: Sep 1930

    Street address: 709 Kingston Rd

    City: Lexington

    County: Fayette

    State: Kentucky

    Zip Code: 40505

    Phone Number: 859-299-8616

    Record Number: 33662603

    Household Members: Name Birth Year

    George Batteiger 1930

    Judith A Batteiger died 27 May 1999 Lexington, age 64, Fayette

    There is a public Batteiger Family Tree which shows George's father was Michael Batteiger

    Born: 25 Oct 1891

    Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

    Died: 12 Sep 1933

    Evansville, Vandenburgh, Indiana, USA

    and it shows that George's mother was

    Wilhelmina Friedricka Gallmeyer

    Born: 23 Oct 1901

    Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

    Died: 16 Jul 1983

    Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

    I hope that will help get you started, best of luck!

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    I found him on a KY death index and the SSDI.

    Name: George K Batteiger

    Death Date: 19 Sep 1980

    Death Place: Fayette (County)

    Age: 050

    RESIDENCE: Fayette


    Born: 11 Sep 1930

    SSN Issued Indiana

    He just missed the 1930 census. The 1940 will be public in 2012.

    I'd suggest trying for an obituary on a Fayette County Genealogy site. Write if you need links.

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    try Kentucky gen web...its free...

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