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the most powerful medieval pope was?

A) john xll

B) innocent lll

C) peter

D) john paul ll

please help if you can & thanks

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    John Paul II who was known as The Great. Pax-C

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    Well, you first have to know that Popes Peter and John Paul II were NOT medieval Popes. Pope John XII (December 16, 955 A.D. - May 14, 964 A.D.) was considered "one of the lowest points of a dismal age for the Papacy". ("Vicars of Christ" by Charles A. Coulombe, Citadel Press, 2003). And yet "he paved the way for reform in the Church by confirming the Charter of Cluny, from which many active reformers would emerge" (Coulombe, 2003). But I never thought of the 900's as being in the medieval period. Maybe my mistake.

    Pope Innocent III (January 8, 1198 - June 16, 1216) was unquestionably a VERY POWERFUL Pope, within the Church and also in European politics. His accomplishments are too extensive to enumerate here, but, if you get the book I cited above, you'll find several pages written about him, beginning on page 257 and going through page 261.

    And so, considering all the facts I've listed above, Innocent III was clearly the most powerful Pope in what I consider the medieval times. God Bless you.

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    Pope Innocent III was called "the most prominent figure in Europe" in his time, due to constant manipulation of all European leaders of all European countries.

    He was pope between 1198--1216.

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    I would go with Pope Julius II,"The Warrior Pope".

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