My folks laptops running slow?


Laptops running slow.

Trying to help my folks with their hp 1.73ghz pentium laptops win xp, 1gb memory 60 gb hard drives about over 20gb free on both of them. Both laptops have norton security. My folks are retired and travel around the US. Their main complain is that their laptops are not running as they use to they are running slow.

They went to some computer stores had their laptops checked. Most recommended to re-install windows. They do not want to have that done. They are afraid they will loose files and change their windows icons and screens. I am not too technical about computers but I can get around the internet and think I can help them by telling them where to go to find an inexpensive simple solution before they decide to buy new laptops.

Any help or ideas appreciated.


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    There are a few different types of software that I would try and you can get almost all of them off of Freeware sites. A registry cleaner is a good Idea and also I recomend Spybot Search & Destroy ( spybot runs in realtime constantly checking your system for intrusions though it is not fool-proof)to check for spyware, malware or any other type of resource stealing virus or bug. Also Ad-aware from Lavasoft is free for personal use and I personally run it once a week. Deleting cookies under internet options can speed things up abit too. Also every few months I'll go into to the Windows folder in My Computer and search for the Prefetch folder (you might have to turn off the hidden folders option) to speed up start-up times. BTW, all the programs I mentioned are free! I almost forgot, make a back-up of you hard-drive before changing registry keys or deleting files! My $0.02

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    properly at first, troublesomecontinual area is the main participant contained in the slowness of your computing gadget. it must be slowing down slightly as a results of troublesomecontinual yet not plenty. My previous computing gadget is on your comparable concern, domicile windows XP domicile, previous, low HD area. What must be taking place is the information superhighway and the courses which you're applying are starting to be to be extra extreme-tech then your computing gadget can take care of. you need to objective getting extra memory (RAM). you need to even have extremely some spyware and viruses. you're able to do what I did. I used spybot seek and wreck and it made it run swifter. i assume your information superhighway velocity isn't the perpetrator for sluggish surfing. anyhow, desire you may get it working quickly back.

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    There are a bunch of ways that you can speed up your computer. In fact you can get your computer back to it's "brand new" speed without buying any new hardware. Here are some tips:

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