Why doesn't my spam filter filter spam?

I have tons of spam filtering into my inbox and I have the filter set to on and to block the addys, but it still persists!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most spam will be filtered out, but filters are not perfect. With any filtering program (be it for viruses, spyware, spam, etc.), it is bound to make mistakes or miss something.

    Another possibility is that your list for spam addresses is outdated, incomplete, etc.

    If you are using a program you downloaded (such as MailWasher or Spamililator), it may need an update.

    If you are using a web-based email client (such as Yahoo! Mail or GMail) then the best thing to do is to mark messages as spam, that way their address is added to their spam address database, thus blocking future emails.

    If you are using a program-based email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) it may need an update. You may also do as I said above and mark spam messages as spam. These programs do not know what messages are spam unless that address is on your spam list.

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    Will Griffith

  • bumby
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    4 years ago

    junk mail filters do the interest of sorting e mail into 2 folders: inbox and bulk. the reason that filters do no longer immediately delete any e mail, is that some real e mail would finally end up interior the junk mail, and if its important, eg online order or transforming into a member of a paysite, then you definately would desire to obtain that e mail for password and so forth, in spite of the clear out seeing this as junk mail. you are able to then choose the e mail as "no longer junk mail". sometime it happens that the occasional junk mail slips by way of to the inbox. basically delete it. with regard to the majority mail folder you are able to delete manually after checking for the unusual real emails, or after each week or era which you specific, it deletes all emails in junk mail folder.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try checking that the person who is sending the spam is on your spam list

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