"Marijuana is harmfull" bigest myth and government lie!?

Do you think weed is harmful?

Do you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat at McDonalds?

If so, do some research.

Here are some facts:

- Marijuana doesn't release toxins to kill brain cells(like alcohol) and it doesn't ware them out like most other drugs do?

- It doesn't get you addicted for hung over, like most other things do.

- It doesn't cause cancer, in fact studies show that it may kill Cancer cells. Also someone in my city cured cancer using the oil.

- No one has ever OD'd or died from it. Over 2,000 people die from cafeine every year yet no one dies from pot.

- It doesn't ruin your life or make you a float head, most people get used to it to where they don't even notice that thier high.

- It focuses you more, in some schools it's encouraged to toke up before you go to class to help ADD and ADHD.

Why are we afraid of it?

- We're not educated about this drug.

- We listen to the government tooooo much.

- We grew up thinking it's worse than crack etc.

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    1 decade ago
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    For everyone here making up lies, please stop. There is NO proof that marijuana has caused lung cancer or any kind of cancer, in fact recent studies over the past few years have shown that marijuana may help prevent cancer cell growth.

    And as far as comparing it to cigarettes. First of all, cigarettes typically have a filter whereas marijuana does not.

    Also, studies have shown that the carcinogens in marijuana smoke are not nearly as damaging as those found in cigarette smoke.

    Also, there are other ways of ingesting marijuana that neutralizes that risk. There is eating it in foods, drinking it in a tea or using a vaporizer.


    Have you thought about the fact that the reason many people start with marijuana is because it's cheaper and more readily available?

    If marijuana didn't exist you really think there would be less people doing harder drugs? If marijuana is a gateway drug why have I not tried any harder drugs, along with the large amount of people I know who are the exact same.

    And as far as the ADD/ADHD argument goes, you are completely wrong.

    As far as addiction, there is NO physical addiction. It's psychologically addicting. Just as the internet can be, and food can be, and many other things in this world that can be addicting because of habit and/or personal enjoyment.

    Many of you people will disregard my answer for the simple fact that I am pro-marijuana. I don't care if you end up being as passionate about it as I am, but why do you have to try and disrespect the people who do use it? What do you gain in that battle? Nothing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I beg to differ with many of your claims. Talk about doing some research. Marijuana has killed many people. Think of impaired driving because of marijuana alone! Not to mention, I have interviewed countless hard substance abusers who are frankly fighting for their lives and where did it all start? Marijuana. Who can argue that it is the gateway to worse things. Next, on to the matter of addiction and dependence. Good studies have shown that marijuan does in fact cause addiction as well as associated physiological and psychological dependance. The active metabolite of marijuana is stored in the body's fat stores and released slowly. This is the one and only reason why weed smokers do not experience withdrawal like with other drugs. IE the level is tapered down on its own due to the slow release of the active metabolite from the fat (interestingly enough, this is why marijuana can still show up on drug tests several weeks later...) Skinny people can actually have withdrawal. Your claims about treating ADD and ADHD are completely unfounded. It makes sense if you think about it: ADD/ADHD are treated with stimulants to improve attention and focus. Marijuana dulls the senses. Isn't that the opposite!? Bottom line: I don't think anyone can argue the point that recreational drug use leads to death and/or misery.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Marijuana smoke that is inhaled into the lungs has 50% more carcinogens (cancer causing agents) than cigarette smoke.

    (That's the answer to the "- It doesn't cause cancer..." statement")

    When you smoke marijuana, or do any drug, drink alcohol, etc., your body absorbs the chemicals that are released into your lungs and bloodstream, and you rapidly become dependent on those chemicals.

    (This next part is the answer to "- It doesn't get you addicted for hung over, like most other things do." statement.)

    From the day you begin smoking marijuana, or any drug, your body starts to raise its tolerancy to those chemicals, and your brain "screams" for more of those chemicals that have been released into your lungs and bloodstream. Thus, you want more of those chemicals. So you go from smoking marijuana once a day in the beginning, up to three, four, and more times a day to get the same effect.

    You get one body in your life, why would you destroy it by smoking marijuana, using any other drugs, or drinking alcohol excessively. You get one body in your life, and that's why I will never smoke or do any drugs, because I don't want to screw up my life.

    Source(s): Health Class Studies
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  • 1 decade ago

    Scando you're an account executive really? I thought you might be a language arts teacher. *shrug*

    - I smoked weed every day, all day for over six years and I think it's safe to say I'm still halfway intelligent. And it is pretty harmless. It's the couch potato dumbfucks that get messed up on other drugs after trying it that give the intelligent ones a bad name.


    Yeah, ok Familyhonors. Start your crusade to illegalize alchohol and tobacco then, jackass.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This stuff is definitely addictive and it causes many problems, especially with long term use. I understand that it can be very helpful when used to relieve symptoms of many diseases. But for normal people to use every day, just for the sake of getting high, I think it's bad. It does cause cancer (and that is pure bullshit about it curing cancer, by the way), it disrupts memory formation and inferferes with immediate recall of information, causes pregnancy complications, and many others.

    Source(s): Psychology 1060
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  • 1 decade ago

    You know why because the goverment wants to make you Dumb by legallizing things that do I.E. alcohol. tabbacco just about everthing. But Marijuana actually makes you think more clearly and better understand things. The goverment is affraid of that, there affraid your going to figure out what they dont want you to know. I.E. how the gov. started the myths behind it and all the B.S.

    So they make things that kill you legal so over hundreds of years people become dumber and dumber and dumber so the goverment can control you even more. Its all messed up.

    Think about what i just said to you, it makes sense if you actually think about it.

    Source(s): Stoners mind and a few friends haha
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  • 1 decade ago

    it's quite a shame that marijuana has such a bad name. the only thing harmful about it is if you choose to smoke it, smoking is not healthy...nothing to do with the plant.

    when i started smoking it my grades went up 40%. it helped me focus. i ended up on the honor role in my last year of high school and while i was at college. it helped me focus.

    i don't smoke it any more, i now practice yoga to help me focus and have direction. i'm so glad i did smoke it though, i give marijuana credit for helping me finish high school and doing so well in college.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You need to do reserch...it does cause lung cancer just like smoking cigarettes. Look it up it is addictive, it makes you have less reaction time when driving just like alcohol. YOU do some research instead of trying to say that being a pothead is cool. Before you put yourself out there and tell others to do research b/c they are wrong maybe you should make sure your right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I've been smoking pot for 15 years....It needs to be lagalized!!! I believe its the key to looking young...well for me anyways Im 30 and I look 21 woo hoo!!! Im gonna go smoke some more now...I see a wrinkle!

    Obviously the ppl who say its bad dont smoke it...I work and make damn good money...My doc smokes it, and I have NEVER been so effed up I cant think straight! Ya'll must be on that salvia or something...By the way smoking weed can cause lung cancer dude!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'm doing group project on drugs... here is part of the outline

    Marijuana- (a.k.a- pot, weed, blunts, chronic, grass, reefer, herb, ganja)

    a. Most common used illegal drug in the U.S

    b. Smoked in water pipes to even brewed as tea

    c. Affect mood and coordination

    d. Can cause the same effects as a cigarette

    e. Those who use marijuana can become quickly dependent on it

    f. After the use of pot, users body demand more and more, making them psychologically dependent on it

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