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Show some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. on music appreciation day R&P!?

Hi all,

Today is the official 'unofficial music appreciation day',

I was thinking today about just how important music is, and I'm sure no one knows that better than the people of R&P.

So, I want you to thank a/your favourite band and state the reason why you are thanking them and what their music does for you, and why it means so much to you.

Good day! :D

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    Dear Neil Young,

    Remember, that one time, back in 1979, when you released "Rust Never Sleeps"?

    ...that was AWESOME!

    But seriously, it was like being struck by lightning on that cold winter day in 8th grade when I first heard that acoustic chord progression of "My My, Hey Hey". I was hooked immediately. I taught myself how to play guitar by purchasing the "Decade" songbook and painfully learning every song. I dig the risks you have always taken - "Trans" in particular - and even though the critics don't always get it, I do.

    In closing, let me say that it is better to burn out, than it is to rust. Your humble fan,

    Stevie B.

    Source(s): Sorry, was that a little too "gay" for some of you?
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    thank you rolling stones, for showing the world that a band could go basically from end to end on the music spectrum and be successful all the while, that a band could be hard rock and have deep love ballads at the same time, and that no matter how much of a toll time(and drugs) takes, that great songwriting never gets old and never loses popularity

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    First off, I must say that your picture is a great choice. I wish I thought of using that. Second, This is a well thought out question with many points made. I only had one problem with it though: I don't believe this question can have one answer. A lot of people have paved the way for the great, not so great & now of days, horrible artists that we hear everyday. Without parts done by so many greats laying down bricks to make the path for so many, everyone would not wish to dream and reach so high into the sky. MJ is a great part of the answer. He made Usher, Ginuwine, Omarion, Chris Brown and the rest of them believe they are the best now. Micheal was inspired by James Brown though. That Aretha inspired, TIna Turner, Whitney which lead to Mary J Blige & Faith Evans. Then it brought us the girl groups and the late great Aaliyah. Alot of people do not point this out but she opened the path wider for the likes of Ciara, Keyisha Cole and others before her pasing. We have to remember that The Sugar Hill Gang made almost every rapper want to pick up a mic and be better then them. Also as much as we may hate to say it, Vanilla Ice made Kid Rock & Eminem who they are today. He also made others white, black & all in between want to pick up the mic. Not all good, but it made them dream. In the end your question did do what it was meant to: Inspire. It made another black man write about our great race and what we have done for the rest of our race. By making music and the ones of us who can't appricate it. You also had me help to your contribution. To that I say thank you.

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    Good idea Ladytron

    here is my share of thanking....

    PINK FLOYD. Guys...what you have done for me emotionally and spiritually is so huge. There would not be enough space in here to explain it completely. Let's just say, your music lyrics transport me to another universe within and beyond me since I was 10 and now that I am 45. Your music is amazing, I am never bored of listening to all your masterpieces.

    DEEP PURPLE- Guys you simply rock!!!! Your are is so down to earth, so dense and hard, the melodies and complex structure remind me of classical music... when I listen to Burn I connect to Bach. You keep me in the best of moods. Gillan and Morse you are sooo hot.

    GENESIS- you are the closest I have come to fairytale and gnomes. Mystical worlds and imaginary creatures that keep me thinking there is more to it than is visible to the eye in society and human mind.... all the melodies are awesome and you are so good musicians when you play live... The greatest.

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    The Strokes- Thank you for your music that brightens up my spirits when I'm having off days. Your music is calming and sensational.

    The Cure- I'm stuck in the past with you guys. Your music has many different aspects to it, and that's what I adore. The lyrics are great and poetic; my ears fall in love all over again when I hear your songs.

    Source(s): The End Has No End- The Strokes Just Like Heaven- The Cure
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    I would like to thank Led Zeppelin for creating such original, complex and enduring music that transports me to a better state of mind every time I listen to them. They truly have music for every mood and were true pioneers. That was musicianship and wordsmith that is so sorely lacking in music today and I am very grateful to them for giving us such amazing songs.

    Thank you!

    Robert Plant

    Jimmy Page

    John Paul Jones

    John Bonham

    You are truly rock Gods!

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    I'd like to thank Led Zeppelin..specifically Jimmy Page.

    I bought Physical Graffiti in '75 when I was 13 and liked it so much, I was determined to learn how to play guitar. That was 33 years ago and I'm still doing it, playing gigs and havin' a good time with it all.

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    Going to have to give a big thanks to Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. When I was a wee little youngster back in the early 80s, my first two cassettes were Black Sabbath's "We Sold Our Soul for Rock and Roll" and Iron Maiden's "The Number of the Beast".

    I had a Realistic (ie. Radio Shack) brand mono-speaker cassette player/recorder. I would tuck that thing under my pillow and listen to my two cassettes on low volume late at night, since that music was somewhat prohibited in my house.

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    I'd like to thank My Favorite Band Black Sabbath for being the most Bonecrushingly Heavy Band in all Human History. For giving Me wonderful songs like "Megalomania" and "War Pigs" to enjoy over and over again. And for kicking a-ss the World over for the last 40 Years

    Thanks Black Sabbath


    Ozzy Osbourne

    Tony Iommi

    Bill Ward

    Geezer Butler


    Ronnie James Dio


    You damn right about Maiden Peaches...UP THE IRONS!!!

  • Iron Maiden.

    For being one of the founding fathers of Metal as we know it...inspiring Power Metal in it's entirety, and for still being relevant and awesome after 30 years (minus a few years with some dud named Blaze).

    I'm also thankful they will be in Town on June 12th, so I can show my appreciation in person.

    They were my first metal band, still my favorite. their music just kinda takes you away, to live on the fantasy. But at the same time, they cover all kinds of issues, without getting cliche.

    And..... they gave me the biggest influence to my musical playing in Steve Harris.

    *EDIT...Darth...i hear tha Sabbath band is ok too...maybe someday i'll check them out.

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