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Softball change-up .. ?

i need help on how to hold the ball when i throw a change-up. how many fingers do you use, do you hold it in the plam of your hand? help, please (:

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    There are several different grips for the change in softball. Most common is to just bury the ball deep in your hand. in other words have the ball in the palm. The other way is to turn your hand backwards and lead the ball with the back of your hand so it imparts some backspin when you release. Another trick is to drag your drive leg so it slows your body down which will slow the ball down when you release.

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    there are lots of ways to throw a change up.. the horseshoe change up: get the ball and where the seams curve around like a hoseshoe put ur curve on ur first finger through ur thumb on the seam and do ur winde up and push it out... dont flip.. stop at ur hip and push...its hard but once u figure it out u can do it!

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