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Positive OPK, but not much (or any) CM?

This is confusing to me. My OPK was positive exxactly 2 weeks after the first day of my last period. But there was no obvious CM, even wen I searched. I've been trying to conceive for over a year. I feel incredibly naucious these last couple days, but it seems to early to be feeling any pregnancy symptoms and I don't want to get my hopes up (impossible). Could I feel symptoms yet?

Is there a concern with my cycle if there was no or low CM?

any tips ;-)

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    CM can be the reason that you havent gotten pregnant. Your CM must have a certain consistency in order to help move the sperm along to met the egg. Bad CM can damage and prevent the sperm from ever reaching the egg to fertilize it. There are tricks like Robitussin (plain nothing w/ a decongestive in it-like the initial DC or CN or whatever after the word Robitussin) this helps produce CM. Also, there is a procedure that your dr can do and its not expensive (less than $100). Where you BD around the time of ovulation and then go into the dr (w/ the semen still in side of you.) The dr then makes sure that the atmosphere is responding correctly. If there is a damaging atmosphere (due to bad CM) then an IUI might be in order. The actual IUI procedure cost around $200-$300, but there are other expenses that can add up if you elect to have it done. Such as the cost of HCG, clomid, bloodwork, ultrasound. I hope that this has helped.

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    try pre-seed

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