To everyone that has a motorcycle; i will like to get a motorcycle licensee, how do i get one?

is it the same procedure as getting a car license

if i am able to get the motorcycle license will it be separate from my car license?

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    You really don't know how to do a little research?

    Here are the bare bones, in the state of Texas, at least.

    18 or Over

    1. Go to the DPS/DMV and take your writing test.

    2. Come back (cannot be the same day, and no scheduling, it was first come first serve, may be different depending on where you live/where you go) in the morning at 8am and schedule your test for that day.

    3. Have your bike brought up there by a friend with an M class license (although I just rode up there at 5am and waited).

    4. You must have a helmet (my examiner didn't check to make sure it was approved.

    5. Make sure the bike you're using has a license plate (no temp tags) and that it has a registration sticker. The examiner will do a walk-around check of your bike to make sure it passes and that you know the basic functions of the bike.

    6. Take your riding test.

    7. If you pass, give them $15 for your new license, and they will clip your old one (since you cannot have two state licenses). Now remember, this is Texas. Other areas/states may just stick an endorsement on your license, but in Texas, it is a license class to ride a motorcycle.

    8. Wait for it in the mail. Enjoy.

    Under 18.

    1. You must have taken a class for your CAR license/permit (you do not need a license, just a permit).

    2. You must take an MSF approved course.

    3. Once you pass, take the paperwork up to the DPS/DMV and take the written.

    Not sure about the rest of this, as I was 22 when I got my M class license.

    Source(s): Went through the process when I was 22, and live in Texas.
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    It differs by state, so check your state's DMV website. Here in Nevada, you do not even need to take a written test if you take the MSF course. You just take the course and the local community college (less than $150) or the Harley dealership ($350) and if you pass that you get the paperwork to have your license changed to an M class license.

    You can also do it the old fashioned way by doing the written test to get a permit, then doing the driving test through the DMV.

    I don't know why people are giving thumbs down to any of these answers. They are almost all correct, and the exact procedure can vary by state. For example, one person said that you just get a motorcycle endorsement on your license, while another said you get a completely seperate license. Neither of those is correct in Nevada, where the class of your license is changed from "C" to "C M" when you pass the motorcycle test.

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    a car license

    and a motorcycle license are not the same thing

    ((you cant drive a car if you have a motorcycle license, and you cant ride a motorcycle with a car license))

    the first thing you need to do is be over 18

    if your not, then the only thing you can get is a permit

    but if you are over 18, just go down to the DMV, and they can tell you every thing you need to know ((or you can go to the DMV website for your state))

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    Real Simple.....and best way

    1. Take a Motorcycle Safetly Foundation class (MSF)

    2. Take the written DMV test

    3. You may or may not have to take a DMV riding test if

    you take the MSF course- check with local DMV

    4. The DMV will give you a license with a M endorsment

    Good Luck-ride safe!

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    Best way would be to take the MSF course - after completion you get a waiver for your license (an endorsement on your regular license) - you can also just go down to the DMV and take the written and skills test.

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    Official order of events

    1-Get the motorycle road safety manual for your state and study

    2-go to DMV and take the written test - this gets you a permit..

    3) ok now you are able to ride in the daytime, -now you can get insurance, get familliar w/bike, get used to doing the tight turns laid out in the test. Find out what days riding test can be taken

    4) Make appointment for riding test and take it. Show up in proper gear with a DOT approved helmet, even if there's no helmet law in your state. Make sure all lights and signals work - they won't let you pass on a bike with a broken horn.

    Drive safe, I hope more people take the motorcycle test!

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    ask the people at your local license branch, they will tell you everything you need to know

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    the permit is seperate,

    the license is just an endorsement on your current license...

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    go to the D.M.V get the book then u need to train on a bike.

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