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Who do you think is "bailing out the wealthy" this time?

I think we see once again how the Democratic congress talks out of both sides of their mouth. Instead of bailing out middleclass homeowners that are in foreclosure, congress' new plan will bail out those wealthy investors that speculators in the housing market and owning a number of multiple homes when the housing market crashed. On top of that it's a sweetheart deal for the rich lending institutions to keep doing business as usual loaning to these rich speculators.

Bush is not without fault either. Instead of promising a veto if they don't limit it to single homeowners, he just plans to veto it if they don't tighten up the laws to prevent these wealthy speculators from overextending their investments in the future.

In addition to the wealthy bailouts congress is going to raise the insurance protection for these wealthy investors to $730,000.00 for each house they buy under the FHA.

How many of you poor folks need insurance on a $730,000 loan?


Harry Reid claims this will help the Democrats at election time and he was on the same list last month by "Citizens Against Government Waste" that voted against a moratorium on pork barrel spending projects.

So much for "taxing the rich," huh?

How can these people look into the camera with a straight face and claim they are wanting to tax the rich. Yeah, 18 cents off each gallon of gas isn't a gimmick you rich elitist congressmen that don't have a clue to how the middleclass lives!

Update 2:


Well, Ron Paul does fall into the 95% rating for Citizens Against Government Waste which is a "Taxpayer Hero" category. The vast majority of Democrats fall into the "Unfriendly" or "Hostile" to taxpayer category.

He's 9th from the best in the House.

McCain is rated 95% too, but since he is in the Senate (with a lot fewer members) he is rated 5th from the best in the Senate.

An interesting note... Oklahoma was rated as the most recession proof state in the nation. There are only two senators from each state. Both of their (Oklahoma) senators are rated #2 and #3 as best in the Senate for pork barrel spending.

The point is... it's about attitude and spending. It's not about getting "pork" for your state, but the attitude that ALL taxes are bad that keeps people/states out of recessions and foreclosures.

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    Let'em know that the 18 cents counts towards the bottom line of small businesses too, which help us all.

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    then we should all vote for RON PAUL don't ya think?

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