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If you perform oral sex on someone who has genital herpes can they give you oral herpes from it?

I don't have herpes, but if I was to give someone oral sex who has genital herpes, is there a chance I could get oral herpes from it?

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    Yes - but the person who says 'huge chance' is wrong.

    Oral herpes is nearly always caused by the virus hsv-1.

    Genital herpes is caused by either hsv-1 or hsv-2.

    If it is caused by hsv-1, hsv-1 is 5 times less infectious when it is causing a genital infection than it is on the mouth. In other words, your risk of contracting it would be five times higher through kissing any of the 8 out of 10 adults that have oral hsv-1 than it would be through giving a person who has it genitally oral sex - in both cases, whetehr a sore is present or not.

    If it is caused by hsv-2, you can catch it on the mouth, but hsv-2 does not like being on the mouth. After your primary outbreak, you would be unlikely to ever have a second outbreak - oral hsv-2 usually remains dormant.

    You take a chance of catching oral herpes every time you kiss someone, even a quick peck on the lips, so I hardly see it as a big deal.

    Despite 25% of adults having gental herpes, hsv-2 only causes a tiny fraction of oral herpes infections - in the US, about 3% of them.

    It is MUCH more common to pass herpes the other way - for someone with oral herpes to infect the genitals of their partner through giving oral sex. Oral herpes hsv-1 is actually more infectious than either form of genital herpes.

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    this may sound grosse but .....yes there is a chance that u can get genital herpes on your mouth. oral and genital herpes can be transfered through oral sex with a partner who has herpes.

    there is more of a risk when they have an outbreak then when they don't but there is still a chance that herpes can be passed when there is no outbreak. i got oral herpes on my genitals from oral sex so its possible.

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    YES! Herpes are very easily spread! Even if they have genital herpes but no outbreaks at the time, they can still pass it to you!

    Also, say if they have a cold sore and perform oral sex on you, then you can get genital herpes that way too!

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    YES!!!! Oral herpes and genital herpes are the same thing in different places...please do not do that without GOOD and CAREFULLY used protection! If possible, avoid it all together!

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    Yes! Huge chance.

    There is alway a slight chance you Won't get it. But why risk it.

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    Ummm....Yes don't do it.

    Look at pictures

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