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咩係contributed equity, reserves, and retained profits?




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    Contributed equity means the capital contributed either in cash or in assets at fair market value. The amount will be reflected in the Share Capital issued in cash or otherwise than in cash.

    Reserves is the aggregation of retained profit and some retained profit being put aside for a specific purpose and/or amount due to increase in its valuation of the assets or amount put in and not regarded this an income. E.g. general reserve, capital reserve, share premium account, revaluation reserve on properties etc. This maybe used for capitalization issue of share in 1 scenario.

    Retained profit is the accumulated profits after putting aside for reserves. This amount is technically speaking distributable to all shareholders as dividend

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    contributed equity = 所貢獻的比率

    reserves = 儲備

    retained profits = 保留起的利潤

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