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rapport 跟 relationship有什麼不一樣呢

as title...好像很難介定??有人可以講得清楚點嗎?感激不盡!!!!!!!!!!

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    relationship[a way in which two people,groups or countries behave toward each other]強調的是事務之間的關聯性或關係

    ex: What is your relationship to this man? (你和這個男人是什麼關係?)

    rapport [a friendly relationship in which people understand each other very well]是指有一段關係的融洽.合諧.密切度!!!

    ex: It should have a good rapport between patient and doctor.(病人和醫生之間應該有良好的關係)


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    First of all, I am more than pleased to answer you that so call "rapport" is apparently mistake and cannot find this word in dictionary. I think that you seem to write "REPORT" instead. As the word of "relationship" means that the connection between one to another.

    Therefore, I donot understand definite means of what you want to expree.

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