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Swell out 及 bleed from 是什麼意思?

(1)片語 Swell out 是何意?

(2)片語 bleed from 是何意?

( 例句:Alaskans awoke that day to more than 10 million gallons of crude oil, 「bled from」the grounded tanker Exxon Valdez, roaming unchecked in one of our treasures, ………… )



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  • IRCA
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    1 decade ago
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    1. 腫起,腫脹[(+up)]

    2. (土地等)隆起;(河水等)上漲

    3. 增長;增大;壯大[(+to/into)]

    4. (聲音,音樂等)增強

    5. 驕傲自負;誇大

    6. (情緒等)高漲

    7. (帆等)膨脹,鼓起[(+out)]

    The sails swelled out in the wind.



    1. 使(力量等)增長

    2. 使隆起;使上漲

    3. 使驕傲自大

    4. 使(情緒等)高漲

    5. 提高(音調,聲音等)

    6. 使膨脹,使鼓起[(+out)]

    A brisk wind swelled the sails.


    bleed from 是何意?

    從 ....榨取而來

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