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  • 1 decade ago
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    There was a poor little boy, who barely saved some money for toys. As he was in front of the toy shop and about to enter, he saw an blind old man across the street begging with an empty can. The little boy gave it a thought, and decided to help the poor guy with his only money.

    But as he went across the street, some lady got of the car next to the old man. The old man heard the door slammed, then turned into her direction. Meanwhile the little boy was walking up to him and put all his coins into the old man's can. As expected, the old man mistook him as the lady, and nodded at her for thanks. The little boy was astonished by that, yet regardlessly he was still glad that he had helped that blind old man.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some poor young boy, saved Qian Xiaoyao to buy a toy with great difficulty,

    He looks in the toy room charge, when is just about to, saw to the street to have suddenly to be blind

    Eye old person in the hand is taking the spatial jar to go begging, the young boy thinks, decision province

    The next this money helps that pitiful old person, when he passes through the street, has one

    Female Shi got out in old person's side, old person hears the cut-off gate the sound, the body then toward

    That direction transfers, the young boy arrives at side old person, the only pocket money admits the body on

    In old person's spatial jar, had not thought that old person actually thought is that female Shi which gets out gives

    , Nods to her expresses thanks, although the young boy has shocked, but is very high at heart

    Is popular can 夠 help that blind old person

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  • 1 decade ago

    A poor little boy barely save some money to buy a toy. Looking around in front of the shop, he sees a blind old guy in the other side of the street before he enters the shop. The old guy is begging witha empty bottle. Litty boy thinks over, and decide to use the money to help the poor guy. While he crosses the street, a lady get out of a car. the old guy hears the sound of closing car door and turn around to that direction. little boy walk toward to the old guy laying his only coins on old guy's bottle. however, the old guy mistake the lady giving him cois, and nods for appreciation. though little boy feels shock, but he still feel glad to help the blind old guy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is a poor little boy, a bit of money is not easy to go to buy small toys,

    He saw the money in the toy store, going to enter, suddenly saw the street have a blind eyes of the elderly are holding hands are empty jar begging, the little boy Xiangle Xiang, the province decided under this money to help the elderly poor that, while he crossing the road, a women in the elderly under the car around, heard the elderly customs doors beep, physical bianwang which direction to turn, the little boy who come to the elderly, was the only change into the elderly cans yard, but did not expect that the elderly who get off to women , nodded thanks to her, the little boy while the shock, but the mind is very happy who can help the elderly blind.

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