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What exactly is toffee?

How is it different from caramel?

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    Toffee is a confection made by boiling molasses or sugar (creating inverted sugar) along with butter, and occasionally flour. The mixture is heated until its temperature reaches the hard crack stage of 150-160°C (302–320°F). While being prepared, toffee is sometimes mixed with nuts or raisins.


    Caramel refers to a range of confections that are beige to dark brown in color, derived from the caramelization of one or several types of sugars, often occurring in the traditional cooking method of a sweet. Caramel can provide the flavor in puddings and desserts, a filling in candies, or a topping for custards and ice creams. Caramel is made by heating sugar slowly to around 170 °C (338 °F).

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    They are very similar. Both are made from sugar that is cooked until it is golden brown and butter.

    Caramel candy also has millk in it and it's cooked only to the "soft ball" stage. It's softer than toffee.

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