to all fellow reds, what do you think about the establish of AFC Liverpool?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Very good and it is a good idea to provide fans who can't afford to watch Liverpool FC with a team to watch. The tryouts this week seem to have been popular and by the sounds of it they have a top notch manager and some players willing to move down divisions to play for AFC Liverpool. They will have real fans and will be cheaper. I wish them all the best


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    1 decade ago

    In 1891 John Houlding, the leaseholder of Anfield stadium, purchased the ground outright and proposed increasing the rent from £100 to £250 per year. Everton F.C., who had played at Anfield for seven years, refused to meet his demands and moved to Goodison Park.[1] Liverpool F.C. were founded by Houlding on 15 March 1892 to play at the vacated Anfield. The original name was to be Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds, Ltd., or Everton Athletic for short, but was changed to Liverpool F.C. when The Football Association refused to recognise the team as Everton

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