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Which is a better internet portal overall,Google or Yahoo?

and for what reasons

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    I don't think I need to say much....It's Google of course. Although Yahoo provides more services than Google does.....Google seems to perform its job better. Google certainly has the upper hand with services like Youtube & Google Maps (Although Yahoo has similar services). Google's Web Search is simply the best. Yahoo mail & Gmail provides same kind of service with almost the same efficiency, so no comparison here. Google's softwares are much more innovative and useful than Yahoo's (Like Google Earth, Picasa). But when it comes to IM, Yahoo has the upper hand. Features like "Blogger" gives Google even more advantage. Free website hosting.....well they pretty much are same on both. All in all....Yahoo offers more, but Google performs better.

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    Definitely Google. Its less cluttered, and delivers answers quickly. Plus, it has all the extra stuff like maps, videos, lets you do equations in the search, etc.

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