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What is the best long lasting, but smells good, cologne?

I use axes to use so I can get acomplement from a girl that I smell good. Axe smells good but it doesnt last for some reason.

I was walking today in the hall at church and this guy walk by and I could smell him and he smelled good.

What cologne can I use that smells good that girls like and is a long lasting smell.

Also, if I spray, where is the best place to spray? The neck, under the shirt? Or what? Thanks.

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    Okay here is the low down on the whole fragrance scene.

    The amount of oil or musk or base the more that's in it the longer it lasts so the reason that Axe last so short of time is because is has almost little to no amount of base

    * Parfum extract : 15-30% usually around 20%, lasts about 8 to 12 hours

    * Perfume: 10-15% usually around15%, lasts about 6 to 8 hours

    * Eau de Toilette: 5-20% usually around10%, lasts about 4 to 6 hours

    * Cologne):2-5%usually around 3%, lasts about 2 to 4 hours

    *Sprays: less than 1-2%usually around 1%, lasts about 1/2 to an hour

    If you are going to want something that will last you are going to pay around 40 to 60 dollars. Now what smells good? well that is very subjective, go into any department store like say Yonkers, and start sniffing. if the sales person is available (and they will be) ask for a dram of any ones you like (theses are small samples of fragrances. If they don't have the ones you like in stock then ask for something along the lines and try it for a day.

    The best places to put fragrances, a cologne placed one drop behind the ear on each side usually is a good place. if after you get out of the shower apply any lotions that you get at that time. On the shoulder where the chest and shoulder meet is the next best place. If you find a fragrance that you will always like spray some on the sample cards from the store and place them in your clothes drawers.

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    Every girl likes a different smell these are the ones i think are the best though

    CK One

    Jean Paul Gautier

    Issey Miyake

    Make sure u spray alot on if u want it to last long!

    Spray on ur 1 on wrist, 1 on neck or collar(cos it stays on ur clothes)

    and a couple of spray all over

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    I think that guys should know that smell is really imp. You can look great but if you're smelly you're out. When it comes to cologne you get what you pay for. Axe is ok but if you want it to last and turn heads you have to get a little better quality. Kennith Kole makes some really nice stuff for guys. It isn't to musky. Musky stuff tends to enhance BO as the day passes.

    Also, to help the smell last spray it on you clothes not just your body it isn't as likely to rub off.

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    Spray on areas that are warmer than other areas (i.e neck...).

    I personally like Curve for men. You should use a cologne for a long lasting scent. Body sprays only last a short period of time (its the same with women's perfumes and body sprays)

    also aftershave usually lasts a while. My bf will usually buy a small .5 oz sample of cologne and if he like it, he'll buy the larger bottle

    EDIT: some colognes will stain your clothes, try to spray only on your skin in areas like your neck and chest.. its the body heat that will release the scent later...

    Source(s): *good cologne will make any woman melt.... =)
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    depends what kind of crowd you're trying to attract. polo blue, aqua di gio, coolwater are all great scents. on a side note, if you're wearing cologne, make sure any deodorant you're wearing is either unscented, or not strong in smell. Otherwise, you'll get a whole bunch of different smells and end up giving people headaches.

    in terms of placement, ive been taught to spray it on your wrists, and then rub your wrist on your neck, and behind your ears; works for me.

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    The Calvin Klein ones tend to be pretty amazing... and I agree with the David Beckham...

    I think the shirt and/or neck (especially the sides and/or back) is a pretty well-centered area to spray it so that people can sense it better...

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    Kick it up a notch. The only thing Axe will attract is a fly. Try Armani Code. I have received a lot of compliments from ladies while wearing it.

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    Cool Water! it comes in a blue bottle and it smells so good! Spray your clothes and a little on the neck

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    Any David Beckham Scents

    Source(s): Have it
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    axe smells good. so does abercrombie & fitch "fierce". but i havent smelled that many colognes so i dont have a huge variety of cologne to pick from.

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