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Pig Latin Translation?

K, please transkate this into pig latin then add a funny ending to the story. (not too long please)

ONce upon a time a pickle fell in love with a shark, the shark wanted a pickle baby so they .. . .. .

can't wait to see your CREATIVE answers

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    nceoay ponuay a imetay a ickclepay ellfay niay ovelay ithway a harksay, hetay harksay antedway a icklepay abybay osay heytay entway otay hetay ornercay toresay nday oughtbay neoay.

    My ending: they went to the corner store and bought one

  • Onceway uponway away imetay away icklepay ellfay inway ovelay ithway away arkshay, ethay arkshay antedway away icklepay abybay osay eythay entway otay almartway andway oundfay omesay abybay ucumbercay. eyThay entway andway ippedday itway inway away ucketbay ofway inegarvay. ineNay onthsmay aterlay, itway asway abyBay ellySmay!

    Do you need a translation? If not, then do not scroll down. Just skip to the next answer.

    Once upon a time a pickle fell in love with a shark, the shark wanted a pickle baby so they went to walmart and found some baby cucumber. They went and dipped it in a bucket of vinegar. Nine months later, it was Baby Smelly!

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    nceoay ponuay ay imetay ay icklepay elltay niay ovelay ithway ay harksay, hetay harksay antedway ay icklepay abybay osay heytay...

    entway otay edbay niay hetay oralcay eefray ndaay ademay ovelay. fteraay ay hortsay hileway, hetay harksay asway regnantpay. hesay avegay irthbay otay ay icklepay harksay. ehay asway hetay ostmay onderfulway hingtay hesay adhay vereay eensay. ehay ookedlay ustjay ikelay erhay, xcepteay ehay adhay reengay umpybay kinsay ikelay ishay adday. hesay asway roudpay foay imhay ndaay ehay asway hetay ottesthay hingtay niay hetay easay. ehay rewgay puay ndaay arriedmay ay onkeymay. hetay onkeymay siay urrentlycay regnantpay, eway avehay onay deaiay hatway otay hingtay foay hetay ewnay reaturecay hattay siay boutaay otay ebay reatedcay. utbay eway opehay hattay hetay holeway amilyfay iveslay appilyhay vereay fteray.


    Once upon a time a pickle fell in love with a shark, the shark wanted a pickle baby so they ...

    went to bed in the coral reef and made love. after a short while, the shark was pregnant. she gave birth to a pickle shark. he was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen. he looked just like her, except he had green bumpy skin like his dad. she was proud of him and he was the hottest thing in the sea. he grew up and married a monkey. the monkey is currently pregnant, we have no idea what to thing of the new creature that is about to be created. but we hope that the whole family lives happily ever after.

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    I shouldn't need to translate it cause you obviously know how to talk it......

    nceoay ponuay aay imetay aay icklepay ellfay niay ovelay ithway aay harksay, hetay harksay antedway aay icklepay abybay osay heytay..... ecidedday otay ookbay aay oomray niay hetay amousfay nderwateruay easay otelhay wnedoay ybay arispay iltonhay.... heytay adhay aay ightnay foay unfay.... hetay extnay ayday hetay harksay eliseday hattay hesay asway regnantpay....henway hetay hildcay asway ornbay itay ookedlay xactlyeay ikelay aay icklepay xcepteay hattay tiay adhay harksay insfay.... hetay arentspay eren'tway eallyray appyhay ithway tiay....hattay ightnay hetay hildcay ysteriouslymay entway issingmay....utbay hetay harksay nday idn'tday arecay ecausebay heytay adhay aay eliciousday ealmay

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    Nceoay ponuay ay imetay a icklep ellfay niay ovelay ithway ay harksay, hetay harksay antedway ay icklepay abybay osay heytay oughtbay neoay ffoay foay bayeay!

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    once upon a ime tay, a icklepay ellfay

    in ovelay ithway a harksay. hetay harksay antedway a icklebay abybay so heyt... the ending, you can put...

    so they got married and lived happily ever after

    so heytay otgay arriedmay and ivedlay appilyhay ever after hope i helped:) (im not that good at pig latin, but i tried)

  • nceoa ponua a imeta a icklepa ellfa nia ovela ithwa a harksa, heta harksa antedwa a icklepa abyba osa heyta entwa ota heta ickepa arja nia heta ceana nda artedsa ota etga usyba heta icklepa henta aidla 100 ggsae nda te harksa teaa llaa foa hema ncludingia heta icklepa .. . .. .

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    worked hard for a baby

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