Help me find this actor please?

i remember him in a black and white photo, he was crossing his arm with his head resting on it with a devilish smile and distinguished blue eyes: really bright, in another black and white photo he might of been on a horse: both of the photo were snapshot of his movie i think!

I think he was really famous, and he is really old now, do anyone have a clue, thank you so much


Arg i think i was looking up Jessie James or other incredible outlaws and i came across him on

the guy i am looking for is an actor though

Update 2:

I think James Dean is soo close dude!! but its not him sorry

the actor i am talking about got black hair and you can see the blue in his eyes when he was young very very clearly

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    Famous for his blue eyes, probably you are thinking of Paul Newman, he's 83 now?

    I'll think again after I've taken the dogs for a walk.

    Could be Gregory Peck, but I can't remember the colour of his eyes.

    How do you know he has blue eyes from two B/W photographs?

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    I'm going to suggest some actors, but I'm not at all sure who you might be describing. I'll start with this one:


    I tried to provide several pictures, but Y!A won't let me submit with them!

    The pose you describe does sound like James Dean, but I don't recall his hair ever looking dark~dark blonde perhaps. But, there are so many actors who could fit the details you give.

    You said that you were looking up Jesse James. I know of a very handsome actor who portrayed him on a TV series: Christopher Jones. If Y!A will accept this link, here's a site about him:

    How strange that I couldn't find any pictures of this actor who was so popular in the Sixties but left that behind. He's been quite the enigma, and I was happy to finally see a biography of him. So, he hasn't been forgotten.

    There is another actor who uses "Christopher Jones" but also is credited as Christopher Michael Jones and Chris Jones.

    I'll check back to see if you add details. Someone mentions Gregory Peck, who does look wonderful in "Duel in the Sun", in which he played a very roguish cowboy, quite different from most of his roles.

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    James Dean??

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