what is the most ineteresting approximation for pi you know?

I am very interested in the many different approximations of the number pi. I would like to see some of the cooler ones you guys have found


I was looking for something more like:

1/pi=2*sqrt(2)/9801*∑((4k)!(1103+26390k))/(k!)^4 396^4k)

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    I'm going to guess that you're talking about series approximation for numerically finding the value of π. Well, for me, one of the most interesting ones I've come across is the BBP formula for π (see Wolfram), which gives the value in base 16. The extraordinary property this formula has is that it's able to calculate for you the value of ANY hexadecimal digit! If you want to know the trillionth hexadecimal digit, just plug it in the BBP formula!

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    It was Indiana in 1897, approximated by statute to 4. This was based on the advice of a crackpot that also said he was able to square the circle (a problem at the time already known to be impossible).

    Edit: This appears in some listings of the Guiness Book of Records as the worst approximation of Pi. The story behind that vote, I think I got it from "A brief history of Almost Everything", but I'm not sure.

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    I give two extremes:

    (1) Around 1910 a county of some State in the U.S. (where else, of course) passed a law that mandated the value of π to be 3.

    (2) Take your pick:




    I was unaware of Jr K and cypheron's comments. I don't believe it was in Alabama, and I also don't think it was a State government as cypheron says, but he may be right that it was in Indiana. I wish I could recall my source.

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    The most interest approximation of pi the first 3.14..........

    3decimal places are always the same and after it keep on changing in 4 decimal place.

    22/7 approx 3.142857143


    you learn this in Java program to get more pi approx.

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    In Alabama the state legislature tried to round pi off to 3 to make it easier for the kids to remember!

    Source(s): My brain, its a horrifing place!
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    Alabama never tried to define pi, but Indiana did.

    4/1.25 = 3.2

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    I have all ready know 22/7

    Look at my link which is interesting for more

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    All I know is:

    Decimal= 3.14

    Fraction= 22/7

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    I don't know what you mean by approximations but this is all fo pi that I know.

    3.141592653 That's all

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    there's a guy in my skool that remembered 700digits of pi, no kidding.


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