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Would the NHL players rather live in Arizona or Florida?

Sorry Homes, but even though Florida has more people than AZ, Arizona is growing faster than your state.

Note: Then can live where ever they want to but I think most would rather live here if giving a choice between the two states.

I would have to write a book to make this arugument but I'll highling some of my main points instead.

1. Home prises are not an issue for rich and famous people but the property taxes are, in AZ the Taxes are between $500-1500 last I checked.

2. AZ has alot of nice looking golf courses like Florida.

3. Most people would rather deal with 110+ temps with no humidity than 90 + with humidity.

4. Unlike Florida, people here can drive to the places that snow and return to nicer weather. Flagstaff Mt Lemmon AZ get snow.


1. Would you rather live in AZ or Fl and why?

2. Which state AZ or FL will see an NHL team in the playoffs next year?

Sorry Homes, had to defend my state.


Arizona has become popular over the years for the rich and famous.

Donivan McNabb

David Spade

Bo Jackson

Lynda Carter

Leslie Nelson

Mike Tyson LOL

Alice Cooper

Billy Grahme

Jeff Hornacek

Jenna Jameson

Sorry but I didn't want my state to be underminded by Homes!!

Update 2:


You say it's pointless and stupid yet you responded to Homes question just like this and didn't give the same response.

Oh are you going to remove your answer now. that I called you out.

So what If there are other who don't care but I do!!

Update 3:

Thank you answering nicely in advance.

Hardcore, I respect your opinion.

Update 4:

Thanks Heavy

Also There are lot of Midwestern people that moved here too. Mostly from the Chicago Area and Detroit and picking up with some from Ohio.

Update 5:

Jenny You can always find me anytime you like! LOL

Update 6:

Hurricanes are nasty but the Monsoons out here can be deadly too.

Update 7:

Chris only 50% of Arizona is desert

Arizona is home to the southern most ski resort in the USA. Mt Lemmon AZ at 9500 ft. Mt Lemmon is 30 mins from Tucson. Tucson is 40 minutes from the USA Mexico border.

Flagstaff, Show Low, White mountains, Grand Caynon and Norther Arizona get snow and lot of it.

Note; San Francisco Mountains in the Flagstaff area are over 13,000 ft in elevation.

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    1. AZ dry heat is ok I hate humidity. Plus, I could find you.

    2. AZ. I sense w/the addition a new positive attitude the team will play better.

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    I'd assume most high earning athletes would prefer Florida, because of no state income tax. Florida as well as Texas based teams leverage this fact to draw players... and I believe more profressional atheletes make Florida home than any other state (Jupiter Island in particular is a Florida hotbed).

    Now if you compare property tax... Florida and Texas (~3%) are more than Arizona (~1.3%). But high earners will generally see more savings in Florida than Arizona. Arizona is probably a better place to retire.

    That's not to say Arizona doesn't have great charm. Personally I'd live in AZ over FL or TX.

    Source(s): PS: This people are famous (or infamous) but FAR from wealthy. Donivan McNabb David Spade Bo Jackson Lynda Carter Leslie Nelson Mike Tyson LOL Alice Cooper Jeff Hornacek Jenna Jameson
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    1. Wherever it's cheaper!

    2. Florida, they have one more team then Arizona.

    Howler - May Arizona prosper forever, and not end up in ruins like the Midwest. Ohio has been hit really hard with the declining economy.

    Ohio has not been hit as hard as Michigan, but Cleveland I believe was ranked in the top 3 poorest cities in the nation in 2005/2006. We can only hope it gets better here, or move away.

    Source(s): Red Wings and Blue Jackets Fan. Cleveland, Ohio Resident.
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    1. Arizona! for 1 reason! because i don't want to get killed by a hurrican! although I would rather visit Florida.

    2. Florida (no offense but Coyotes might gotta wait a couple more years!)

    BTW I like Florida better than Arizona but I don't hate Arizona! and I don't mind humidity I actually enjoy it.

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    1 decade ago

    1.Except for the chance of a hurricane hitting, I'd say Florida because it has nice weather all year. And because I have family down in South Florida

    2.Well judging by my icon you know that I'm going to pick Florida.

    Source(s): Panther Fan
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    arizona is a desert.

    ive been there many times, not very exciting lol...


    now call me canadian, but ive NEVER seen tumbleweed before the last time i was in AZ.

    so if i was a hockey player, i would go to AZ just to watch the tumbleweed.

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    Sorry but I don't like either

    1.Florida.Been living here for my whole life...why not..

    2.Neither in my opinion but of those 2 Phoenix will have the best chance.

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    i stay in Florida its a solid place to head to or like in the experience that your older yet while your a teenager you desire greater life. it somewhat is warm and humid. i heavily on no account have a solid hairday. heavily we Floridians like it while its cool so our hair ultimately looks solid. yet I somewhat have on no account been to Arizona so i cant say.

  • this question is pointless and stupid

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