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New invention? What i can and cannot patent.?

Ok, let's say we have a white baseball cap with a black bill. And i found a way to exchange the black bill to a different color bill and i decided to market this idea. Is this something that i can patent? Or will i get sued for altering someone elses patent?

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    If its new and not obvious, you can patent a method of changing the color of a bill. A patent gives you the right to stopping other people from making, using, selling or importing your invention.. It does not give you the right to make the invention.

    If you are just buying someone else's product and changing the color, I don't see how you could get sued.

    If they have a patent on white hats with black bills and you make white hats with black bills to sell with your color conversion kit or as the starting point for white hats with colored bills, then you are infringing the patent and could be sued.

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    You can't patent a mental idea, its got to be written down or is made. You also need to check to see if there isnt one already made.

    I dont think you will be sued for changing somebodys patent, but you will if you are too close to it (like if you changed the color)

    By the way, you really shouldn't tell people your idea, they can copy you.

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